Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

Seventy-sixth Session of the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

21/02/2017 23/02/2017

Manila, Philippines The 76th APFIC Executive Committee met in Manila, Philippines to advise on the APFIC biennial work programme and to review the administrative and budgetary affairs of the Commission.


Report of the 76th APFIC Executive Committee


Working documents

APFIC:EXCO/17/01 Provisional agenda and timetable

APFIC:EXCO/17/02 Outcomes of the Thirty-fourth APFIC Session and items for the attention of the 34th FAO Asia-Pacific   Regional Conference

APFIC:EXCO/17/03 Summary of inter-sessional activities

APFIC:EXCO/17/04 Improving monitoring of trends and issues

APFIC:EXCO/17/05 Supporting the implementation of the voluntary guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries in the context of national food security and poverty eradication

APFIC:EXCO/17/06 APFIC – FAO Actions support member countries combat IUU and implement the FAO PSMA

APFIC:EXCO/17/07 Fisheries management and promotion of the ecosystem approach to fisheries management

APFIC:EXCO/17/08 Building resilience to climate change

APFIC:EXCO/17/09 Introduction to FAO Asia and the Pacific's Regional Initiative for Blue Growth

APFIC:EXCO/17/10 Proposed APFIC work plan for 2017-2018

APFIC:EXCO/17/11 Road map to develop the 2018-2023 APFIC strategic plan

APFIC:EXCO/17/12 APFIC budget and admin review

APFIC:EXCO/17/13 Preparations for the 7th APFIC Regional Consultative Forum Meeting and APFIC Thirty-fifth Session

Information documents

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 01 Provisional list of documents

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 02 Provisional list of participants

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 03 Report of the Thirty-fourth Session of APFIC, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 12-14 February 2016

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 04 Report of the Sixth APFIC Regional Consultative Forum Meeting, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8-10   February 2016

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 05a Regional Overview of the Status and Trends of Aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific Region 2016

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 05b Status and potential for fisheries in Asia and the Pacific 2016

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 06 Consolidated responses by APFIC members to the 2015 FAO code of conduct for responsible fisheries   questionnaire

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 07 Voluntary guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries in the context of food security and poverty eradication

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 08 Summary conclusions and recommendations of the Regional consultations on the implementation of the voluntary guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries: South Asia and South East Asia

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 09 Asia and the Pacific's regional initiative for Blue Growth

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 10 APFIC strategic plan 2007-2012

APFIC:EXCO/17/INF 11 APFIC strategic plan 2012-2018