Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

APFIC convenes Regional Expert Workshop on guidelines for management of tropical trawl fisheries


APFIC convened a regional expert consultation to develop guidance for tropical trawl fishery management in Phuket 30 September-4th October, 2013. The 32nd Session of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission strongly highlighted the issues associated with trawl fisheries in the region and agreed to take trawl fisheries as a model through which to directly address the management of trawling and indirectly to build capacity in fishery and ecosystem management approaches.

The expert working group was tasked to deliver an output which would be relevant and usable by the member countries and the Commission. The product of the expert working group are the APFIC regional guidelines for the management of tropical trawl fisheries in the APFIC region. These guidelines will be presented ot the Commisison at its next session for endorsement. The tropical trawl guidelines can be accessed here.