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Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

Sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region

Category Aquaculture

The publication is an important outputs of regional activity under the regional initiative on sustainable intensification of aquaculture for blue growth in Asia-Pacific. This publication is a very important information and knowledge product on sustainable intensification of aquaculture. The publication will greatly raise the awareness of stakeholders to existing good practices of sustainable intensification of aquaculture and their potential in contributing to sustainable growth of the industry for food security and nutrition, rural livelihood and overall social and economic development. The publication will disseminate the innovative practices of SIA and promote wide adoption of the innovative practices in the entire Asia-Pacific region. The publication contributes to Organizational Outcome 201 “Producers and natural resource managers adopt practices that increase and improve the provision of goods and services in agriculture sector production systems in a sustainable manner”–Output 20101 “Number of FAO-supported initiatives that used inclusive and participatory approaches to validate and facilitate uptake of innovative practices for sustainable agricultural production”.