Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

Regional guidelines for the management of tropical trawl fisheries in Asia

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Effective fishery management in Asia is more critical than ever, now that the region is passing from four decades of expansion and increased production to an era of overcapacity, overexploitation and unsustainable practices.

The high growth in capture fishery production achieved during these past decades is due to increases in fishing effort, including gear modification and speed of trawling, an expansion of the geographical range of fishing activities, and the retention of most animals caught. Trawl fisheries is the main driver behind this trend.

This publication – which is based on the outcome of a workshop held in Phuket, Thailand from 30 September to 4 October 2013 – provides practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for fishery managers of all levels on options to address the challenges raised by trawling in the tropical waters of Asia.