Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Bangladesh

FAO Priorities in Bangladesh

The GoB‐FAO Country Programming Framework (CPF) – Towards a Food Secure Bangladesh, formerly known as National Medium‐Term Priority Framework (NMTPF), is a strategic planning and management tool. The CPF Bangladesh is meant to provide FAO with a sound basis for a mid‐term country programme, compliant with the policies and priorities of the Government, aiming to enhance the coordination among donors and other UN agencies. The specific objectives of CPF are to improve effectiveness of FAO’s response at country level, identify national priorities in line with that of the government, better program coordination at the FAO Representation, effective contribution to MDGs, and effective contribution to UNDAF/UNCT in the area of agriculture and food security. It identifies the medium‐term priorities of GOB and FAO for the period of 2010‐2015 for FAO’s and Development Partners’ technical cooperation in Bangladesh. It prioritises areas in which FAO will focus its assistance in an effective and coherent manner to support the implementation of the Government’s priorities. [more]