Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Bangladesh

Federated Farmers’ Organization Sharing Workshop; 12-13 March'13

31 Mar 2013 --  

Event title: Federated Farmers’ Organization Sharing Workshop(to develop sustainable farmer organizations in Bangladesh)

 Objective: The national federated Farmers Organization  sharing workshop aims to bring together the organizations that have made some progress towards sustainability and federation, in order to facilitate further development. Though the targeted organizations may be at different levels of federation, they all exhibit potential towards becoming strong, sustainable organizations that can facilitate the participation of Bangladeshi farmers in the investment programming cycle.

Desired Outcomes :

Developed rapport with other FOs eventually leading to a network;

Understood the basic concepts, principles and processes of developing an effective and sustainable FO, as well as the value of networking and federating;

Analyzed the strengths and weakness of their organizations with regards to participation in investment programming;

Developed a vision for strengthening their organization;

Developed action plans to implement that vision, according to their new knowledge.

Type of event :  Workshop 

Date : : March 12-13,2013

Place : PROSHIKA-Human Resources Development Center Trust, Koitta, Saturia, Manikganj.

Number of Participants: 36 participants will be participated from the federated Farmers Organizations and IAPP LFS.