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FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Advocacy Event for Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Related to Food and Agriculture Sector & Demonstration Workshop on tools for Monitoring Food Security (SDG 2)

04/09/2017-08/09/2017 Bangkok, Thailand




      Mukesh Kumar Srivastava
      Senior Statistician
      FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok
      e-mail: Mukesh.Srivastava@fao.org
      Phone: +6626974250

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Concept note

Information note

Provisional timetable

  • Regional advocacy and consultation event
  • Demonstration workshop

FAO and the SDGs: Indicators - Measuring up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has played its key role in the development and adoption of Post 2015 Development Agenda. FAO has also been an active contributor to Inter-agency and Expert Group on Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is recognized that the 17 SDGs and their associated 169 Targets and 230 monitoring indicator represent an immense challenge for member countries with regards to their current data availability, statistical capacity and resource availability.

Countries in the Asia Pacific region have expressed in international fora, the need for technical assistance from FAO and its partners in localizing these goals, as well as establishing a monitoring system for reporting progress towards the SDGs and strengthening their statistical systems to be able to collect critical data.

The two events organized back-to-back will complement each other and bring together technical experts from National Planning Bodies and National Statistical Offices. The regional event is a first of its kind and will formally launch FAO’s work on SDG monitoring in the region. It will be attended by around 80 participants from 25 countries and partner institutions. The outcome of the meeting will help FAO prepare a follow-up technical assistance plan for countries in the region.