FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Webinar on “Regional Training Workshop for Farmer Field School facilitators on sustainable management of Fall Armyworm: IPM, Biocontrol and Farmer Field Schools”. Joint project between RAP and Thai Education Foundation (TEF)

29/10/2020-06/11/2020 Bangkok, Thailand
FAO and Thai Education Foundation is organizing a series of regional webinar on “Sustainable management of Fall Armyworm: IPM, Biocontrol and Farmer Field Schools” during October 29th, November 3rd and November 6th, 2020.

Participants will include governmental agencies, international organizations, civil societies, and academics with priorities are from South, Southeast Asia and South Pacific countries.  Registration is required. Please contact: [email protected] for more details.

Tentative Webinar Programme:

Thursday,   October 29, 2020

13:30   – 14:30:  Introduction of FAW Regional   Webinars

-       Short Opening Statements by Organizers


-       Overview/regional   status report of FAW, IPM and Biological Control in Asia

-       FAO FAW Global   action plan with focus on Asia (10 mins.)

-       Introduction to   FAMEWS (10 mins.)

-       Introduction to   ASEAN FAW Action Plan



14:30 – 15:30  Status and Innovations in FAW IPM and   Biological Control in Asia:    Development of IPM strategy and and use of Bio Control for FAW

-       Experiences from   Philippines: 


-       Experiences from   India:



-       Experiences from   China: IPM-compatible   technologies and delivery systems



15:30 – 16:00 Summary of the   Grow Asia/CABI Webinar series on FAW biological control


16:00 – 16:30:  Q&A and ways forward


Moderator:  Kris Wyckhuys


Yubak   Dhoj GC/FAO, Marut Jatiket/ Thai Education Foundation

Kris   Wyckhuys


Buyung Hadi/ FAO-HQ


FAO-HQ/Jean   Rwaburindi

VN/MARD-PPD,   FAW Task Force (TBC)


Moderator:   Kris Wyckhuys





N. Bakthavatsalam, ICAR-Bangalore National   Bureau of Agric. Insect Resources (TBC)

Kongming Wu, Vice President (TBC)



Allison Watson/ Grow Asia, Malvika Chaudhary/   Cabi




Tuesday,   November 3, 2020


13:30   -16:00:  Experiences/innovations from   selected SAARC, ASEAN + China countries on FAW-IPM/ Bio control and   FFS/Farmers’ research 15 mins./ country (TBC)


-     Summary on Status of FAW and   national policies (based on questionaire form)

Country team presentations:

-       FAW Training/FFS/action   research efforts and results thereof

-       Innovations and ideas   for further development to be shared.

-         Q&A after 4 presenters


16:00   – 16:30  Summarize and highlight   efforts for further exploration



Moderator:   Marjon Fredrix/Jan Willem Ketelaar



Kris   Wyckhuys


  1.   Thailand: Thailand’s FAW IPM management   strategies, policies, video on biocontrol efforts, rearing process and   results to date by   Woranad  Khokyen, Siros, Suwanmanee, Sunisa Pewrumpai, DoAE-Thailand
  2.   Laos:  TBC
  3.   Indonesia: TBC
  4. TBC
  5.   TBC
  6.   TBC
  7.   TBC
  8.   TBC

Friday, November   6, 2020


13:30 –   15:00:  FFS curriculum and learning   activities, training of trainers curriculum

-         Global FFS   platform, Network and training materials on FAW: Introduction to available   guidance and FFS materials on FAW at global and regional levels and exploring   what more is needed


-         Digital   technologies and their potential integration in farmer training schemes


-         Sharing of  training activities and materials for   farmers and facilitators



15:00   – 16:30:  Future development needs and   sharing country plan

-         Countries   sharing of national FFS action plans for FAW

-         Future   development needs



Moderator:  Dada Abubakar


Anne   Sophie Poisot,   FAO





Paul van Mele, Agro-Insight



(Small groups: How to mobilize network? What kind of training, duration,   frequency? FFS and Digital FFS?)


Moderator:  Anne Sophie Poisot/   Kris Wyckhuys