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South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)-Tripartite Rabies Workshop on “Enhancing Progress Towards Rabies Elimination ‘Zero by 30’ in the SAARC Region

26/06/2019-28/06/2019 Kathmandu, Nepal

Regionally, FAO, OIE and WHO (the regional tripartite partners) have come together to support rabies control activities in the region by organizing regional/sub-regional rabies workshops involving both human and animal health sectors. The tripartite in collaboration with the SAARC Secretariat in the past also conducted few workshops to frame a regional strategy and funding mechanism towards rabies control/elimination from the region. This included the Tripartite-led SAARC Rabies Workshop in 2015 in Sri Lanka to develop a SAARC Rabies Elimination Project to be considered for a funding support from the SAARC Development Fund. GARC also initiated some regional networking activities such as PARACON for African countries and ARACON for Asian countries and World Animal Protection (WAP) has also been supporting in rabies activities in the region.

Concept Note / Agenda