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2nd Regional workshop on legislation relevant for antimicrobial use (AMU) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the food and agriculture sector

08/07/2019-09/07/2019 Bangkok, Thailand

AMR remains an important public health threat worldwide. AMU has been identified as a risk factor for the emergence of AMR organisms, however, more recent data indicate that a reduction of AMU alone is insufficient to address AMR.  Good governance and improved health infrastructure have a substantial impact on the reduction of the spread of AMR organisms. Strengthening governance enables the implementation of the global guidance (e.g., the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan and the FAO AMR Action Plan) at the national level (multi-sectorial action plan on AMR) to address AMR, following a One Health approach in the human-animal-environment interface and to preserve the efficacy of antimicrobials used for the treatment of infections in people and animals. 

Concept Note and Agenda