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List of events

BOBLME/SEAFDEC Workshop on Marine Protected Areas
30.01.2012 - 03.02.2012 Bangkok, Thailand
Training/Workshop Programme in the Use of TAD Info Software for the Key Staff from Participating SAARC Countries and GIS/Spatial Epidemiology Training/Workshop
24.01.2012 - 03.02.2012 Bangkok, Thailand
The Second Regional Workshop on Collaboration Between Human and Animal Health Sectors on Zoonoses Prevention and Control
16.01.2012 - 18.01.2012 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Workshop on the 4th Veterinary Field Epidemiology in Action
16.01.2012 - 10.02.2012 Bangkok, Thailand
Training of Trainers on Horticultural Chain Management
13.12.2011 - 16.12.2011 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Roundtable on Developing Environmentally Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Strategies (SAMS) for Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region
08.12.2011 - 09.12.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Food Production Systems for Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific
07.12.2011 - 08.12.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Workshop on Animal Laboratory Information Management Systems
01.12.2011 - 02.12.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Global Consultation on the Agenda of Action for Sustainable Livestock Production
01.12.2011 - 04.12.2011 Phuket, Thailand
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