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活动清单 — 仅以英文提供

Closing Workshop of the Project on Diagnosis and Management of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)
08.04.2011 - 08.04.2011 Manila, Philippines
Review Workshop on Achievements and Lessons Learnt from the Environmental Animal Health Management (EAHMI) in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Philippines
06.04.2011 - 07.04.2011 Manila, Philippines
FAO Data Collection, Processing and Dissemination System of Food and Agriculture Statistics
28.03.2011 - 01.04.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Consultation on Watershed Management
15.03.2011 - 17.03.2011 Kathmandu, Nepal
Meeting of the Regional Advisory Team of the Project on Analysis of Sustainable Water Resources Use
15.03.2011 - 19.03.2011 Beijing, China
Joint FAO/civil society planning and team building meeting
11.03.2011 - 12.03.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Meeting on Increasing Rice Productivity in Underexploited Areas of SAARC Countries
10.03.2011 - 11.03.2011 Bangkok, Thailand
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