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Aquaculture projects up and running in Micronesia

26/09/2018 Koror, Palau

FAO is funding two projects to assist five Micronesian countries to further develop and sustain aquaculture activities, through an improved aquaculture business investment planning approach.

The projects have been developed for the Republic of Palau, Republic of Nauru, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia (MASA countries) and Kiribati – MASA refers to the Pacific Micronesian Association for Sustainable Aquaculture. They are “Aquaculture business investment planning and development to increase resilience and improve food security” for MASA countries and “In-depth aquaculture risk assessment and business investment planning” for Kiribati.

The Regional Project Inception Workshop for both projects was held on the 13th – 14th of August 2018 in Koror, Palau. The workshop was led and facilitated by FAO and the Pacific Community (SPC), who is the Service Provider to implement the projects. National Project Coordinators and National Aquaculture Consultants from each of the five countries involved were present at the workshop, together with an International Consultant (Aquaculture Business Development Specialist).

FAO Junior Professional Officer, Mele Ikatonga Tauati said. “Developing national aquaculture business development strategies for each country is crucial for the success of the project. Individual country plans will go towards the development of a regional aquaculture business development strategy. ”Tauati continued. “At the end of the projects, the regional strategy will then be presented at a regional forum to engage support from potential donors and investors.”

Amongst key project players, the workshop discussed project activities and agreed to a schedule of upcoming activities to be implemented in the coming months. The workshop agreed to implement national aquaculture stakeholder consultations and collect relevant data and information required to develop the national strategies for each countries, before the end of 2018.

With Micronesian countries present in Koror, a Special Meeting of the MASA Network and Kiribati was held on the 14th of August 2018, where FAO and SPC were also invited to attend. Members broadly discussed progress of their work and expressed a positive drive on the need to finalize certain outstanding matters required to help move the Network forward.

Furthermore, National Aquaculture Stakeholder Consultations were also held on the 15th – 17th August 2018, which invited key aquaculture stakeholders in Palau to gather relevant information towards the development of a Palau National Aquaculture Business Development Strategy.

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