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Samoan youth train in Agribusiness

26/09/2018 Salelologa, Samoa

Gaining knowledge in agriculture is crucial for young farmers to create job opportunities. A training workshop to build capacity of selected young farmers in agribusiness Management and contract farming took place in Savai’i, Samoa.

The workshop combines the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to address employment challenges for the youth of Samoa and build the capacity of young farmers on agribusiness management.

The trainings are part of a broader FAO funded project called Strengthening capacity of Youth for employment and livelihood in Agriculture, which aims to strengthen capacity of youth to pursue agriculture as a livelihood and employment option. 

According to the Samoa 2012 School to Work Transition Survey, 40.3 percent of youth in Samoa leave school without graduating resulting in very limited opportunities for employment.

 “Employment for youth is a big challenge for Samoa.” said National Project Coordinator, Tommy Tuuamalii from MAF. “Young women and men need to develop the knowledge and skills to enter the labour market, and to be provided with additional supporting services to secure employment opportunities.”

“This workshop in Saleloga provided knowledge which will contribute to people’s livelihoods.” Added Tuuamalii.

FAO agribusiness value chains specialist, Shukrullah Sherzad said, “Through following value chain approach, FAO is building capacity of young farmers on production, processing and agribusiness management”. Sherzard noted that to successfully manage farm as a business, farmers need to know the value of its production, the income they receive from their farms and better knowledge of market access and farm management.

 Through the  – Agribusiness management and contract farming – workshop FAO is building the capacity of young farmers on farm as a business management and access to market through Contract Farming.

The  FAO trainings are part of the wider United Nation Youth Employment Programme, where FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development – Division for Youth, are collaborating to build the technical capacity of young farmers and school pupils in various aspects of agriculture development in Samoa. The project was launched on 11 April 2017 to help Samoan youth gain employment in the agriculture sector.

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