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Essential Equipment delivered to Farmers, Groups and Institutions in Solomon Islands

24/04/2019 Malaita, Solomon Islands

Three beneficiaries in Malaita in Solomon Islands received much needed tools and equipment recently from Kastom Garden Association.

The three recipients, Kinitolo Farmers Association, Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School and Kwao Community Farm have expressed gratitude in receiving basic tools and equipment and for being selected to participate in a project which is funded by FAO. The tools and equipment are part of a project to increase the efficiency of root and cash crops production, improve the price competitiveness of these foods relative to food imports, and to increase their availability.

Farmers, Groups and organisations have acquired necessary technical knowledge and expertise to consistently produce and supply safe, high quality, nutritious food products to markets and institutions in Guadalcanal, Malaita and Temotu provinces of Solomon Islands

Jack Kalisto, FAO Agriculture Field Technician for Malaita said that the project will also support the farmers, groups and institutions in trainings on, farm soil improvement, pest and disease management, diversification and intensification of production and postharvest management.

In Malaita the recipients of the project have started engaging in the project activities since last year and are working very hard to set up their demonstration gardens, nursery sheds and growing of root crops and vgetables in the farms.

Four other recipients who are still waiting for their set of tools and equipment are, Baetolau Farmers Association, Ngalikekero RTC, Fulisango CHS and Sarabuta Organic Farm. They will receive their set of tools and equipment at a later date.

Kastom Gaden Association a local NGO has been working with farmers for many years and its approach to sustainable farming and promoting of organic practices is important an appropriate to farming in the country. Using the method of farming the farmers, groups and institutions are learning a lot from KGA trainers and staff. So the skills and knowledge gained are a life time gift which are not come easily but a privilege that KGA is able to provide the opportunity.