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Contact points in Asia-Pacific

Contact points in Asia-Pacific

Since the preparations for the 1996 World Food summit, FAO has partnered in the Asia-Pacific region with the Asian members of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC), a global network of NGOs/CSOs concerned with food sovereignty issues and programmes. It includes social organizations representing small farmers, fishers, indigenous peoples, urban poor and agricultural workers' trade unions.

For FAO, the IPC Asia focal contacts is La Via Campesina and contact LVC South Asia Secretariat.

In addition, in early 2010 an Ad Hoc Committee of Civil Society was created during a CSO consultation in Manila supported by FAO. The focal contact for the Ad Hoc Committee is AsiaDHRRA and contact AsiaDHRRA Secretariat.

For the upcoming FAO Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APRC), the self-organized Civil Society Consultation meeting will be organized parallel to the APRC. It is meant to gather key actors from different constituencies and countries to discuss key topics pertinent to the region and discuss on specific agenda items of the Conference from the CSO point of view. The CSOs also take stock of what has been done collectively in the region/sub-region or thematically in view of the call of actions they have made in the previous biennial meeting.

The CSO Consultation will be conducted on 5-6-7 April 2018 in Nadi, Fiji which will be the venue of the 34th FAO APRC. CSO is calling to express their interest to attend the above-mentioned CSO Consultation. You will find the online registration instructions to express your interest to participate in the link here.

For information about the results of 2016 CSO Consultation in conjunction with 33rd APRC in Malaysia, please visit the site.

FAO's focal point for liaison with civil society in Asia and the Pacific is Kaori Abe, Partnership Officer, based in Bangkok.