FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Our team

Agriculture and Food Systems Group

Animal Production and Health

Enhances the level of nutrition and standard of living of livestock keepers, especially smallholders, people working in livestock value-chains, and communities at large through equitable, sustainable and safe livestock sector development. Promotes information generation and exchange, provides normative guidance, and coordinates joint actions among member countries and other stakeholders.

Collaborates with international partners like the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to carry out a number of initiatives in the region. Specific actions target the prevention and control of priority diseases in Asia such as avian influenza and swine diseases.

Katinka de Balogh
Senior Animal Production and Health Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Wantanee Kalpravidh
ECTAD Project Regional Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

Ian Dacre
ECTAD Project Deputy Regional Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

Nutrition and Food Safety

Advocates for the integration of explicit nutrition objectives into agriculture, health, education, economic and social protection policies in countries in the region. Supports governments in strengthening enforcement and surveillance activities to assure compliance with standards and legislation, and thereby provide public confidence in the quality and safety of foods. Supports countries to participate in and contribute to setting international Codex standards as well as harmonizing country standards.

Sridhar Dharmapuri
Senior Food Safety and Nutrition Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Nomindelger Bayasgalanbat
Nutrition Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Joseph Nyemah
Nutrition and Food Systems Officer and Resilience Focal Point, Apia, Samoa

Masami Takeuchi
Food Safety Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Plant Production and Protection

Promotes sustainable crop production intensification for increased productivity while maintaining the resilience of the natural resource base. Coordinates and promotes development of regional plant protection systems, assisting member countries to develop effective plant protection regimes, setting standards for phytosanitary measures, and facilitating information sharing. Assists in the development of regional standards for phytosanitary measures and promotion of integrated pest management and the Code of Conduct for Distribution and Use of Pesticides.

Yongfan Piao
Senior Plant Protection Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Anthony Bennett
Senior Food Systems Officer (Post Production), Bangkok, Thailand

Yosuf Othman
Consultant on Plant Protection, Bangkok, Thailand

Amgalan Ariunbold
Consultant on Plant Production, Bangkok, Thailand

Rabi G. Rasaily
Consultant on Value Chains, Bangkok, Thailand

Shukrullah Sherzad 
Agribusiness value chains, Apia, Samoa

Socio-Economic Development and Policy Support Group

Economic and Social Development

Provides technical support to member countries and regional economic communities to establish and strengthen food security information systems, to conduct cross-sectoral analyses and to disseminate reliable and timely information on the incidence and causes of food insecurity, malnutrition and vulnerability. Provides technical support to build strong national agricultural statistics systems using FAO methodologies, tools and guidelines to plan and execute agricultural censuses and surveys. Advances gender equality in agricultural policies, programmes, budgets, institutions and statistics.

David Dawe
Senior Economist, Bangkok, Thailand

Mukesh Srivastava
Senior Statistician, Bangkok, Thailand

Clara Park
Gender Officer (Rural and Social Development), Bangkok, Thailand

Tomomi Ishida
Social Protect Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Gerard Sylvester
Knowledge & Information Management Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Rasmiyya Aliyeva
Statistician, Apia, Samoa

Policy Assistance

Assists countries and regional economic communities in formulating, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes to reduce poverty, strengthen food security and boost productivity. Supports governments with trade analyses so that fair policies can be promoted. Partners with regional bodies such as the UN Group on Poverty and Hunger to improve food security, end hunger and malnutrition, and raise living standards.

Sangita Dubey
Senior Statistician, Bangkok, Thailand

Xuan Li
Senior Policy Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Aziz Arya
Policy Officer for South-South Cooperation, Bangkok, Thailand

Yukitsugu Yanoma
Policy Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Yoshiko Ishihara
Investment Support Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Zhe Yuan
Investment Support Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Fiasili Lam
Policy Officer, Apia, Samoa

Natural Resources and Environment Group


Promote sustainable forest management through an approach that balances social, economic and environmental objectives so that present generations can reap the benefits of forest resources while conserving them to meet the needs of future generations. Provides forest policy support, facilitates exchange of information and knowledge, and implements technical support through field projects addressing a diverse range of forestry related issues.  These include forests and climate change (i.e. REDD+), forests and natural disasters, forest and landscape restoration, forest monitoring, participatory forestry, agroforestry, watershed management, Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), and integrated natural resources management. Serves as the Secretariat of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) and supports technical networks established by APFC, including the Asia-Pacific Forest Policy Think Tank, Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network, Asia-Pacific Forest Communications Network, and TEAKNET.

Thomas Hofer
Senior Forestry Officer and NRM Group Leader, Bangkok, Thailand

Yurdi Yasmi
Forestry Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Kenichi Shono
Forest Resources Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Aru Mathias
Forest Resource Management Officer, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Bruno Cammaert
FLEGT Forestry Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Josil Murray
International Consultant FAO-EU FLEGT Programme, Bangkok, Thailand

Erica Pohnan
International Consultant FAO-EU FLEGT Programme, Bangkok, Thailand

Ben Vickers 
Regional Programme Officer, REDD+, Bangkok, Thailand

Adam Gerrand
REDD Forestry Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Mathieu VanRijn
Forestry Officer, REDD+, Bangkok, Thailand

Abu Mahmood
International Consultant Remote Sensing and Land Cover Assessment, Bangkok, Thailand 

Kong Zhe
Consultant for Forest Restoration Policy and Practice, seconded from Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet), Bangkok, Thailand

Maria Paula Sarigumba
Junior Consultant, Bangkok, Thailand

Kallaya Meechantra
Secretary/Programme Assistant, Bangkok, Thailand

Jhongsathit Aungvitayatorn
Office Assistant, Bangkok, Thailand

Pawinee Sodsangchan
Office Assistant, Bangkok, Thailand

Climate Change & Resilience

Supports the transformation toward environmentally sustainable, resilient and low emission food and agriculture systems that support resilient livelihoods. This includes strengthening capacity of member countries in the development and implementation of policies and measures that will help access financing, including for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF) to scale up Climate Smart Agriculture, adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction efforts in agriculture and land sectors. Catalyzes partnerships that will assist governments, smallholders, scientists, businesses and civil society to adjust and upscale climate smart and sustainable agricultural practices across food systems. Promotes climate knowledge and technology transfer and regional cooperation.

Hang Pham
Senior Resilience Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Aaron Becker
Technical Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Beau Damen
Natural Resources Officer (Climate Change and Energy), Bangkok, Thailand

Hideki Kanamaru
Natural Resources Officer (Climate change), Bangkok, Thailand

Ana Tiraa
Natural Resources Management/ Climate Change Officer, Apia, Samoa

Kaustubh Devale
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Expert, Seconded from Australia RedR, Bangkok, Thailand

Srijita Dasgupta
Consultant - Climate Change, Bangkok, Thailand

Ruci Mafi Botei
UN Volunteer – Climate Change, Bangkok, Thailand

Huijeong Choe
Intern - Climate Change, Bangkok, Thailand

Yupaporn SimuangNgam
Office Assistant, Bangkok, Thailand


Strives toward sustainable capture fisheries and aquaculture development that contributes to food and nutrition security and resilient livelihoods in the region through responsible and effective management and utilization of living aquatic resources and ecosystem services. In the face of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), unsustainable aquaculture practices and increasingly vulnerable dependent communities, focuses on supporting member countries to improve the governance and management of capture fisheries and aquaculture, collectively protect the aquatic ecosystems upon which we depend, promote the uptake of good and innovative practices (e.g. EAA, EAF and Agro-aquaculture) in the move toward more efficient and sustainable aquaculture and fisheries production systems, and foster inclusive and gender-sensitive fisheries and aquaculture value chains for more equitable livelihoods.  A sector often at the front line of extreme climatic events, emphasizes building the resilience of fisheries and aquaculture sectors through climate smart fisheries and aquaculture and disaster risk management to address climate change impacts alongside other risks faced by the sector and its communities.

Weimin Miao
Aquaculture Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

David Brown
Fishery Programme Consultant, Bangkok, Thailand

Cassandra De Young
Fishery Planning Analyst, Bangkok, Thailand

Susana Siar
Fishery and Aquaculture Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Simon Nicol
Senior Fishery Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Jessica Sanders
Fishery Officer, Apia, Samoa

Mele Tauati
Junior Professional Officer, (Small-scale Fisheries), Apia, Samoa


Fosters the development of legal and policy frameworks and promotes capacity development initiatives for enhanced governance of tenure of land and natural resources. Supports member countries to address tenure issues in the context of global mega trends such as population growth, urbanization, large-scale land investments, climate change and fragility, gender issues. Strengthens national and regional capacity in sustainable land management, and assessment and monitoring of land degradation to support sustainable agricultural production in the region. Supports countries in adopting coherent land-use plans and sustainable land management practices to reduce pressure on land resources, enhance productivity and maintain ecosystem services. Promotes soil carbon sequestration for improved soil quality.

Marianna Bicchieri
Land Tenure Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Tianyi Liu
Office Assistant (Land and Water), Bangkok, Thailand





Supports member countries to address water scarcity in agriculture and strengthen capacity to improve water productivity within the food system supply chain. Audits performance and designs productivity improvements in irrigation systems. Reduces poverty and improves food security by identifying improved water harvesting and storage systems, ponds, wells, and small and large scale irrigation and drainage systems. Further, the water team addresses environmental and water stress in an integrated and cross-sectoral way, incorporating ecosystem services, river basin assessments, source to sea methodologies and strategies for coping with climate change adaptation and mitigation. Working towards enhancing environmental resilience and productivity through carefully planned policy initiatives with regional and national institutions.

He Li
Natural Resources Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Zhijun Chen
Senior Investment Support Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Louise Whiting
Senior Water Management Expert, Bangkok, Thailand

Puspa Raj Khanal
Senior Water Resources Development and Irrigation Expert, Bangkok, Thailand

Caroline Amy Turner
Water Resources Consultant, Bangkok, Thailand