FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
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The FAO Regional Office, through its field programme, provides technical assistance to countries in Asia and the Pacific in their fight against hunger by supporting the implementation of projects in food and nutrition security, promotion of family farming, guidance on animal and plant health and food safety, among others.

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Stories from the field

  • Mongolia

    To save forests, Mongolia devolves forestry management to locals

    Although forests cover only a little more than 11 percent of Mongolia, they provide food and work for many people and they are critical to the environment. Yet, each year 60,000 hectares (ha) of forest in Mongolia are lost to natural disasters and unsustainable harvesting practices. An FAO forestry project is helping turn this situation around by encouraging local communities to manage their own forests.

  • Sri Lanka

    Rural Sri Lanka farm families grow more crops

    Decades of war and conflict had left them homeless and hungry. But today, many farm families in eastern Sri Lanka have been resettled in their former villages and are rebuilding not just their former lives, but better lives that include more varied and nutritious diets than ever before. A joint EU-FAO project* gave significant assistance to the Sri Lankan government to help these families return to productive agricultural work. In turn, that has contributed to a lasting peace in formerly conflict-torn districts while improving the country's overall food security situation.

  • Viet Nam

    Viet Nam’s farmers clubs

    Most projects and programmes carried out by international agencies are designed to be sustainable. Not all, however, achieve that goal. When deadlines pass and funds disappear, all too often results begin to dissipate. The farmers clubs of Viet Nam are an example of a project that not only proved to be sustainable, but exceeded expectations by taking on a life of its own after the original project had ended.

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