Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Field Programme

VISION:  Asia-Pacific free from hunger and poverty.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Focused and strategic FAO interventions to respond to the needs of member countries;  Quality and timeliness of FAO’s field programme delivery;  Trusted leadership in aid coordination as an honest broker.

The group assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operation of regional projects in Asia and national projects in countries without a resident FAO office, and ensures quality and timely delivery.  It also provides support, including a help-desk function and training to the FAO country representatives and technical officers throughout the project cycle.  In addition, the group liaises with donors and assists in trust fund resource mobilization, and promotes aid coordination and collaboration with UN agencies, donors and development partners.

The group assists the head of the office in the management of the regional allocation of FAO’s Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP), reviews TCP requests in line with FAO criteria and priorities, and monitors the formulation and approval of TCP projects.

Finally, the group prepares reports and data sheets as and when required by management with respect to the status of pipeline projects, programme development and delivery.

Database of FAO projects (FPMIS)

Projects of the FAO field programme have two main funding sources: (i) the Organization's core budget ( also known as the Regular Programme which is funded by contributions from FAO Member Nations) and (ii) extra-budgetary resources received from multilateral (e.g. mainly UNDP and other UN funds)and bilateral donors.

FAO has about 2050 field projects in operation (including 650 TeleFood projects) with a total value of US$ 768 million. About six percent of these are funded by the Regular Programme through the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) and the Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS). The remaining 94 percent of field projects are funded from extra-budgetary resources, through the Government Cooperative Programme (36 per cent), Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) (20 percent), other Trust Funds (43 percent) and the UN Development Programme (one percent).

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