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Tuesday, 11:30 - 21 May 2013
14 May 2013, –What:    Launch a new FAO book: Six-legged livestock: edible insect farming, collecting and marketing in Thailand. The event will be a lunch-time book launch and signing ceremony with two of the authors of a book that explores Thailand’s thriving edible insect sector. More than 20 000 insect farming enterprises are registered in the country; most are small-scale household operations. Insect farming and collecting has become is a significant economic [...]
Poverty reduction, increased rice production with fewer resources sought
10 May 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–As a response to a request from the countries in Asia and the Pacific, and to meet the growing demands for rice, FAO set up an External Rice Advisory Group (ERAG) to help hammer out a rice strategy for Asia to bring first class rice specialists and partners to work together for the formulation of a regional rice strategy for Asia and the Pacific to define a medium-term strategic [...]
Prices for other food commodities declined in April
09 May 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–Speaking at his monthly briefing for the media, Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific announced that the Organization’s  Food Price Index, released today from FAO Headquarters in Rome “averaged nearly 216 points in April 2013, up more than 2 points (1.0 percent) from its revised March value of 213 points and from April last year.” “At that level,” said Konuma, “ the index [...]
Hunger in the 21st Century called unacceptable
30 Apr 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–The United Nations launched the Zero Hunger Challenge in Asia and the Pacific here yesterday evening before heads of governments and UN agencies as well as ministers and national leaders. Speakers called on governments, farmers, scientists, business, civil society and consumers to join in the struggle to end hunger in the region where a majority of the world’s undernourished people live. “We cannot rest while so many people go hungry [...]
11 Apr 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–Containment of the A(H7N9) influenza virus in China, which has been confirmed in 34 people, including nine who died, will require the implementation of strong biosecurity measures. Unlike other influenza strains, such as highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1, the new virus is difficult to detect in poultry, because it produces almost no signs of disease in birds, Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the [...]
UN agency outlines future strategy to end hunger and reduce poverty
03 Apr 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific Hiroyuki Konuma today briefed Ambassadors and senior embassy officials from some 25 FAO member countries with embassies in Bangkok on the new FAO Director General’s Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2014-17 and the Programme of Work and Budget (PWB) 2014-15. The MTP and PWB will be presented to FAO’s governing Conference in June 2013 for adoption. The document refocuses FAO’s [...]
Greater Sago use will help to promote food security
22 Mar 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–The promotion of underutilized indigenous food crops such as Sago palm, which has a high starch yield potential and grows in swamps and wetlands with minimal competition from other food crops for land and water use, is of growing importance as the developing world is headed towards serious future food security challenges in alleviating widespread chronic hunger, Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the [...]
Harbin Veterinary Research Institute receives the FAO designation
07 Mar 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations announced today that earlier this week it designated the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (HVRI), in the Heilongjiang Province of the People’s Republic of China (PR China), as the FAO reference centre for animal influenza. The designation of FAO reference status, awarded by the FAO Director General, is based on a competitive selection and evaluation process. It is an outcome of [...]
FAO food price index stable
07 Mar 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–First forecasts for the 2013 wheat harvest point to production increasing to 690 million tonnes – 4.3 percent up on 2012. This would be the second largest crop on record, according to the latest issue of FAO’s quarterly Crop Prospects and Food Situation report (CPFS). While the production increase is expected mostly in Europe, prospects for the 2013 wheat crop in the Far East are generally favourable with output expected [...]
22 Feb 2013, Bangkok, Thailand–The Bangkok Recommendations were today unanimously adopted at a regional workshop to promote greater employment opportunities for disabled people in the agribusiness sector. The 11 recommendations will serve as pathway to greater employment opportunities in the agribusiness sector for people with disabilities. Disabled people and their families account for about 40 percent of Asia’s total population. Though disability-inclusive initiatives are a growing trend, greater efforts are needed to increase job [...]