Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Hiroyuki Konuma

FAO Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific

Regional Workshop for Operational Strengthening of FAO Representatives

Bangkok 18-22 November 2002

Closing Address


He Changchui
Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Dear Colleagues,

The week has gone by very fast indeed and I truly hope that the old saying, “what starts well ends well” applies.

This workshop has been blessed with a large number of extremely experienced resource persons and I understand that a good number of subjects were covered. The fundamental aim of the workshop was to foster participation and I understand from my colleagues that there were numerous questions and a great deal of interests in the subjects covered.

Of course, over the period of one single week, it is difficult but to provide a general overview but what is more important is that your problems and issues of importance to you, have been well tabled, and also well documented.  I am confident that decision makers, who will read your report, will take heed of some of the recommendations which will be made during the workshop as well as the difficulties you face. It is our joint goal to promote our services to our member countries and to promote our delivery of services and technical assistance.

The objective of the workshop has been realized and now it is incumbent on RAPR to prepare plans for in-country visits to further the hands-on applications featured during the workshop and continue to exchange experience and information.

We stand willing to assist you in any way we can following your return to your duty stations and I wish you a safe journey back to your countries.