Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Asia Pacific Food Price and Policy Monitor

The AP Food Price and Policy Monitor is a monthly report tasked to monitor food prices in local markets and provide readers with up to date food/agricultural policy developments across the Asia Pacific region.

In the October 2014 issue, the AP Food Price and Policy Monitor identified following highlights:

  • General inflation in the region slowed to 3.9 percent from 5.1 percent, while food price inflation persisted at 3.9 percent in September.
  • Rice prices in the Philippines were 15.4 percent higher than last year for regular-milled varieties, and 15.9 percent higher for well-milled varieties.
  • Rice prices in Sri Lanka are 35.8 percent higher than one year ago, with drought expected to reduce rice output by 22 percent compared to last year.
  • Bangladesh will export 50 000 tonnes of rice to drought-stricken Sri Lanka, its largest export of non-fragrant rice since independence in 1971.
  • South Korea increased its subsidy to rice farmers by 10 percent to boost production and reduce dependency on rice imports.
  • Iraq cancelled September’s tender for rice imports because of spreading conflict.
  • Preliminary estimates are that 971 000 hectares of crops in Pakistan have been damaged by floods.



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