Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Asia Pacific Food Price and Policy Monitor

The AP Food Price and Policy Monitor is a monthly report tasked to monitor food prices in local markets and provide readers with up to date food/agricultural policy developments across the Asia Pacific region.

In the July 2014 issue, the AP Food Price and Policy Monitor identified following highlights:

  • Regional general inflation moderated to 5.7 percent in June after reaching 6.1 percent in May. Food price inflation slowed to 4.4 percent from 5 percent during the same period.
  • The benchmark Thai 100% B rice price rose 2.6 percent, but regional rice prices were stable.
  • Wheat prices fell annually by 3.5 percent in South Asia, and 8.2 percent in Pakistan.
  • China expects 122.6 million tonnes of wheat output this year, up 2 percent over last year.
  • Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will increase rice imports to curb rising prices.
  • India will release 5 million tonnes of rice from central reserves to deter inflation.
  • Countries are preparing for El Niño. Ample stocks in the region are likely to prevent major shocks.


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