Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Forests Asia Summit 2014
Sustainable Landscapes for Green Growth in Southeast Asia

Jakarta, Indonesia
5 to 6 May 2014


Forests Asia will inform and be informed by national, regional and international initiatives and processes, taking perspectives from other emerging economies such as China.

At the regional level, the event will draw upon existing ASEAN policies including the ASEAN Community 2015 process; highlighting the role sustainable landscapes can play to achieve environmental sustainability, equitable economic development in a competitive region, and to reduce the development gap among ASEAN member states. International discussions around the green economy, climate change (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)), biodiversity (Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)), food security (Committee on World Food Security) and the Sustainable Development Goals have also shaped the themes of Forests Asia. Summit organizers are planning for key messages and commitments stemming from the event to later feed back into these discussions. To this end, the Summit will be organized along five main themes:

  1. Governance and legal frameworks to promote sustainable landscapes;
  2. Investing in landscapes for green returns;
  3. Climate change and low emissions development on the ground;
  4. Forest landscapes for food and biodiversity; and
  5. Changing communities, sustainable landscapes and equitable development.


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