Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Technical Training on Risk Analysis for SAARC Countries

Delhi, India
17 to 21 June 2013 


 Final report




The overall objective of the training is to strengthen the understanding of the risk analysis principles, increase the application of the risk analysis framework at country level in the support of food safety systems and ensure that risk management decisions are based on science and best available scientific data. The training will build capacity among representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture, Ministries of Health, Food Safety Authorities and scientific institutions that are involved in risk assessment and risk management activities, in the following areas: 

  1. Review of the risk analysis process, its components, scope of applications for ensuring food safety; 
  2. Improved knowledge on the use of risk analysis methodology in the development of national and international food standards and application in food safety control;
  3. Practical training exercises on the risk analysis application in both routine and emergency situations for chemical and biological hazards in food;
  4. Exchange of information among participating countries on the experience and process of application of risk analysis in food safety control systems; and,
  5. Setting national and regional priorities on risk analysis.


Concept note



Session 1 – Opening

Session 2 – Country Scenario on Risk Analysis Presentation by Countries on Current Scenario

Session 3 – Preliminary Risk Management Activities

Session 4 – Risk Assessment

Session 5 – Risk Management

Session 6 – Risk Communication

Session 7 – Risk Analysis in Emergency Situations

Session 8 –Regional and Country Activities on Risk Analysis

List of Participants