Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Seminar on Forests and Natural Disasters

4 November 2013
Rotorua, New Zealand



  • Discuss the current state of knowledge on the role of forests in reducing and mitigating the impacts of natural disasters.;
  • Examine the human dimensions of natural disasters and the potential role of forests in mitigating disaster-related problems.;
  • Indicate how forests and forestry could be integrated in the disaster management strategies and plans at the local, national and regional levels.; and,
  • Discuss the potential value and a framework for a regional action plan on forests for natural disasters.




Managing wind risk in forests

Tsunami mitigating effects of forests in the Great East Japan Earthquake

Forests and floods: drowning in fiction or thriving on facts?

Wildfire science and management: protection and mitigation

The 2004 landslides in Southern Sierra Madre, Philippines

Impacts of natural disasters on local communities

Forests and forestry in enhancing resilience of local communities

Forests in disaster risk reduction

Forests, natural disasters and climate change: post 2020 international scenarios

Disaster-resistant timber construction