Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Workshop on Gender and “Climate-Smart Agriculture” in ASEAN

Bangkok, Thailand
11 to 12 DEcember 2013



The ASEAN - FAO – WOCAN- GIZ Regional Workshop on Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture is organized to support the integration of gender concerns into the ASEAN Multi-Sectoral Framework on Climate Change (AFCC): Agriculture and Forestry towards Food Security. For this purpose, the workshop will bring together knowledge and expertise on gender and climate change in the context of agriculture and food security.

The specific objectives of the Regional Workshop are:

  • To promote a common understanding of the linkages between gender and impact on climate change and the added value of taking a gender perspective to climatesmart agriculture,
  • To share gender-sensitive climate smart practices from the Asia Region,
  • To develop concrete recommendations and actions for ASEAN to include gender in the multi-sectoral ASEAN Framework on Climate Change (AFCC) following the principles of the Vientiane Declaration.


Concept note and agenda