Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Multidisciplinary team on supply chains

Team leader :   Rosa Rolle

The food production and processing sector in Asia and the Pacific region is dominated by a large number of small stakeholders.  By and large, these stakeholders are unable to meet the safety and quality requirements of supermarkets and export markets. It is therefore important to build institutional and individual capacities to develop and implement context appropriate programmes geared toward improving safety and quality management in small and lesser developed businesses and supply chains so as to improve their access to markets.

The multidisciplinary team on supply chains aims at becoming a regional focal point on food safety and quality issues for agricultural, fishery and forestry products to provide technical information, knowledge and support to small and less developed stakeholders in supply chains in production and in food enterprises in Asia and the Pacific region. It will promote technologies, practices, awareness raising programmes, infrastructural support systems and networking designed to build a culture of good practice in handling and in processing operations of these supply chains and businesses.