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Media Advisory: FAO releases biannual Food Outlook and up-to-date Food Price Index – with Asia-Pacific Analysis [EMBARGO: 8 May 15:00 BKK]

Venue: FCCT – Thursday, 8 May – 3 pm

Bangkok, Thailand, 06 May 2014 -- FAO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is convening a media briefing to analyse the implications for food markets and food security in Asia-Pacific from the latest Food Outlook, a twice-yearly FAO publication focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets. The sub-title "Global Market Analysis" reflects this focus on developments in international markets, with comprehensive assessments and forecasts on a commodity by commodity basis.

The most recent analysis of the cost of food in the countries of the region will also be examined with the most up-to-date figures released concurrently in the Food Price Index (FPI).

While the Asia-Pacific region remains home to most of the world’s hungry and under-nourished people, gains are being made in the fight against poverty and improvements to food security – particularly in some low-income countries of Southeast Asia.

FAO is revising the 2014 global number of “Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries” or LIFDCs to 55, seven fewer than in 2013. Four of these countries are in the Asia-Pacific region. While a reduction in the number of countries on the LIFDC list is a positive sign, concerns for the region’s future food security remain.  

FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, Hiroyuki Konuma, will discuss the latest findings of the Food Outlook and the FPI and their implications for food security across the region.

You or your representatives are cordially invited to join the press conference at FCCT at 3pm, Thursday 8th May.
Refreshments served.

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