Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Cambodia: capacity building for community fisheries management in the Department of Fisheries

Cambodia, 12 Jul 2005 -- TCP/CMB/3004 (T) – July 2005 to January 2007 - US$265 000

In accordance with the overall government objective to decentralize management authority, the Cambodian Department of Fisheries has only recently started to work in the area of community fisheries and has limited capacity to facilitate the development of community fisheries management. The establishment of community-based co-management as well as the continuous support of the coastal fishing communities remains a major task. To address this task, the Fisheries Department has established a Community Fisheries Development Office (CFDO) with a total of 33 staff at the central level.

This FAO funded project will provide technical assistance to the CFDO, in line with efforts underway for inland fisheries and will complement related efforts to improve marine fisheries management. The objective of the assistance is to enable the Community Fisheries Development Office of the Department of Fisheries to promote community fisheries in coastal areas

The project will provide the services of two international consultants (total of 2.75 person months), one expert under FAO’s Partnership Programme for 6.5 person months and two national consultants for a total duration of six person months. In addition, the project will provide for FAO Technical Support Services including field missions, supplies, equipment, official travel, training and general as well as direct operating expenses.

As a result, it is expected that the assistance will contribute to strengthening the government’s capacity to implement at field level and to coordinate at national level community fisheries in coastal areas.

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