Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Post-tsunami – FAO field guide: The impact of salt water on agricultural land

the Philippines, 14 Mar 2005 -- This FAO publication provides a brief guide on the subject of soil contamination by salt as a result of tsunami inundation of agricultural land in the coastal areas of Aceh province. It does not claim to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject but merely a starting point for immediate action and further discussion.

The overall aim is to help the recovery of livelihoods in agricultural areas affected by the tsunami.

The full manuscript is available free of charge from

FAO encourages a wide distribution among all those involved in rehabilitation and reconstruction. Experts are welcome to offer their experiences, but we also wish to hear from those who have found solutions that are not yet part of the established literature.

As specialists in the field of agriculture, we draw from our experience of past situations, our existing technical knowledge as well as our present day to day contribution in the region, to formulate effective answers and strategies to assist in rebuilding food security.

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