Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

New challenges for Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

06 Aug 2004 -- During its 28th session held in Chiang Mai from 3 to 5 August 2004 the members of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) unanimously decided that APFIC will take on a new role to act as a regional consultative forum to promote the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture in the region. It will provide a framework for its members to identify and discuss common issues in the region, promote partnerships with relevant regional organizations and serve as source of relevant and up-to-date information on activities relating to responsible fisheries and aquaculture in the region. In the coming years, its main focus will be on small-scale fisheries and aquaculture.

APFIC's goal is to promote better management of both fisheries and aquaculture resources to increase the contribution that these activities make to the food security and poverty alleviation for millions of people in the region, stressing that "The challenge to the region is how to take a more holistic approach to fishery management, that accommodates the needs of the different users of the fishery sector, as well as balancing human well being against ecological well being".