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Papua New Guinea to benefit from fao's special programme for food security - South-South cooperation agreement announced

Papua New Guinea, 11 Dec 2002 -- Bangkok – A new South-South Cooperation Tripartite Agreement was announced today under the Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The South-South Cooperation Tripartite Agreement was signed by the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and FAO. Under the agreement, Filipino agricultural experts and field technicians will be sent to Papua New Guinea to assist the government with expansion of the SPFS for up to two years.

According to the agreement, Filipino experts and field technicians will provide assistance related to field and horticulture crop production; soil fertility and micronutrient management; crop water use requirements and in the design, implementation and management of small-scale irrigation systems. The team will include:

• Water Use and Management Specialist
• Field Crop Specialist
• Horticulture Crop Specialist
• Soil Fertility Management Specialist

A Filipino laboratory analysis specialist will also be sent to Papua New Guinea under the agreement for three months.

According to FAO, South-South Cooperation under the SPFS provides an opportunity to strengthen cooperation among developing countries at different stages of development with the support of interested donor countries and FAO. The initiative helps countries benefit from the experience and expertise of more advanced developing countries. FAO launched the South-South Cooperation scheme in 1996.

The Special Programme for Food Security was operational in 71 countries in November 2002, covering more than 75 percent of low income food deficit countries (LIFDCs).

Regional distribution of SPFS projects:
Africa 41
Asia 16
Europe 2
Latin America 9
Oceania 3

SPFS is in various stages of formulation in another 17 countries. In addition to LIFDCs more and more developing countries are implementing the SPFS and to finding the resources to do so. Nigeria, Uganda, Peru and South-Africa are examples.

The South-South Cooperation Agreement between Papua New Guinea and the Philippines was signed by the Government of Papua New Guinea on 13 March 2002. Earlier this week the agreement was signed by Philippines Ambassador J. Lhuillier for the Government of the Philippines and by Mr. Henri Carsalade, Assistant Director-General, Technical Cooperation Department, on behalf of FAO.

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