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Bangkok, Thailand, 30 Jan 2013 -- FAO and TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) International today announced the signing of a 3-year agreement aimed at jointly improving nutrition in Asia while reducing hunger in the region with the long term goal of building a world without hunger and poverty. The total number of people who suffer from chronic hunger in the Asia-Pacific region was 563 million in 2010-12, or 65 percent of the world total. Hunger in Asia [more...]

ASEAN and FAO sponsor high-level meeting to advance nutrition and food security
Bangkok, Thailand, 29 Jan 2013 -- Ensuring adequate, safe and nutritious food for all is a high priority and long-standing goal of ASEAN and FAO. This goal aims to contribute significantly to achieving the Millennium Development Goal 1 and the World food Summit targets to cut global hunger by at least half by 2015 as well as fulfilling the aspirations set forth by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Food security, as defined by the World Food [more...]

Bangkok, Thailand, 28 Jan 2013 -- Fisheries experts from more than 13 countries opened the first of two consultations today that could herald new ways of reducing hunger and poverty by cataloguing and improving aquatic genetic resources for food and agriculture. Most farmed fish have not been domesticated the way that farmed crops and livestock have been, so farmed fish remain very similar to their wild relatives. The meeting will consider the benefits of genetic improvement [more...]

FAO Regional Workshop to increase urban and peri-urban agriculture
Bangkok, Thailand, 28 Jan 2013 -- FAO and P.N. Agricultural Science Foundation of Bangalore, India today opened a regional workshop to strengthen urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) in Asia. Some 50 participants from more than 11 countries, including national and provincial government officials, food and agriculture experts, university professors and representatives from the private sector gathered for the 3-day meeting Bangkok’s Plaza Athenee Hotel. By 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban [more...]

FAO Regional Consultation to strengthen food safety policies in Asia
Bangkok, Thailand, 17 Dec 2012 -- Asian farmers and consumers of Asian agricultural and food products in countries around the world stand to benefit from discussions at be held at the FAO Regional Food Safety Consultation Workshop that opened today. More than 45 people working in the field food safety from 13 Asian countries are attending the Consultation representing different governmental and non-governmental groups. Food safety is a multidisciplinary subject and has to be addressed while [more...]

Thailand celebrates World Soil Day on His Majesty the King’s birthday
Bangkok, Thailand, 04 Dec 2012 -- In recognition of the crucial role played by soils in promoting food security and particularly in light of the enormous challenges that soils face when it comes to sustainable management and protection, FAO will observe World Soil Day on 5 December 2012 for the first time, which is also the 85th birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. Earlier this year, His Majesty the King was honoured as [more...]

Shijiazhuang, China , 03 Dec 2012 -- Some 70 participants took part in a regional consultation on groundwater governance in East and South Asia and the Pacific, opening today in Shijiazhuang, China. From 3 to 5 December, high-level experts and key stakeholders from 17 countries in the region will be gathering at the Chinese Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology (IHEG) to discuss how to effectively manage groundwater as well as how to raise awareness of its [more...]

SEOUL, 27 Nov 2012 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are working with Asian countries to develop a strategy to make better use of a global food safety network. Increased participation in the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) would help countries to better manage food safety emergencies, reducing the health risk to consumers and increasing the availability of safe food. "With increasing levels of international [more...]

FAO says rice production out pacing consumption
Bangkok, Thailand, 20 Nov 2012 -- Global rice production for 2012 is forecast to outpace consumption in 2012/13, resulting in an upward revision of 5 million tonnes in 2013 closing inventories, according to an previous forecast by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its Rice Market Monitor (RMM) issued Monday. “Compared to last year, world rice carryover stocks are expected to rise by 7 percent, or 10 million tones, to a new high of almost [more...]

Thailand celebrates agricultural cooperatives
Bangkok, 15 Nov 2012 -- Thailand is celebrating National World Food Day (WFD) with a festive event at Lan Khon Mueng, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on Dinsor Road in Bangkok running from 14 – 16 November. The event features 96 agricultural cooperative booths selling Thai produce and products like rice, bananas, pineapples, fish and fruit crisps and locally produced skincare and hand woven silk and cotton products. This year’s WFD theme is Agricultural Cooperatives: Key to [more...]