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12 Feb 2007 -- The newly released "Metamaker" is a tool designed to create Dublin Core and AgMES compliant metadata. The tool allows the user to create metadata from scratch using a simple web form and save it in different formats (such as HTML, XHTML, XML, RDF or AGRIS AP). It also offers to extract metadata from existing web pages or local html files, after which the user can then edit this metadata in [more...]

Thailand, 09 Feb 2007 -- The continuous use of arsenic irrigation water in agriculture in Asian countries has potentially serious long-term consequences for the environment, the livelihood of farmers and food security, an FAO report on Bangladesh concludes.There is now sufficient scientific evidence that arsenic in irrigation water can result in land degradation and progressive losses in crop yields, adversely affecting incomes of farmers and agro-ecosystem services in terms of their ability to provide a [more...]

Queen Sofia of Spain visits post-tsunami fisheries rehabilitation project
Indonesia, 06 Feb 2007 -- Spain is financing several FAO initiatives in AcehBanda Aceh -- Queen Sofia of Spain visited FAO fisheries rehabilitation projects in a coastal area of the Indonesian province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam that was devastated by the December 2004 tsunami, leaving tens of thousands homeless with huge losses to livelihoods.Queen Sofia inspected facilities where artisanal fishing boats are being built and ponds for aquaculture are rehabilitated. She also inaugurated a model [more...]

Indonesia, 30 Jan 2007 -- Jakarta – The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today that chicken, duck and quail, staples of the Indonesian diet, are safe to eat, if derived from healthy birds and properly cooked. The FAO concern comes as people stop eating poultry following a ban on raising poultry in Jakarta announced by the Governor of the province.James McGrane, FAO team leader of the avian influenza control programme in Indonesia, said [more...]

23 Jan 2007 -- Virus continues to persist in East Asia and some countries in AfricaBangkok - FAO today expressed concern about the new flare-ups of avian influenza outbreaks in China, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand and Viet Nam but stressed that the number of outbreaks in the first weeks of 2007 has been significantly lower than the epidemic waves of last year. FAO urged countries to remain vigilant and fully cooperate [more...]

Thailand, 19 Jan 2007 -- Media advisoryJournalists and news organizations are invited to an FAO press conference on the re-emergence of bird flu in Asia on Tuesday 23 January at 11:30 hours at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. FAO speakers will be Hiroyuki Konuma, deputy regional representative for Asia and the Pacific, Laurence Gleeson, regional manager of FAO’s emergency centre for transboundary animal diseases, and Juan Lubroth, senior officer infectious diseases. In addition, during an [more...]

China, 18 Jan 2007 -- Will help small-scale farmers in agriculture, livestock and fisheriesRome - China will send 44 agricultural experts and technicians to Gabon to help small-scale farmers there improve crop and animal production, fish farming and processing of agricultural products, under an agreement signed today between the two countries and FAO.The agreement is part of FAO's South-South Cooperation initiative, which aims to strengthen cooperation among developing countries at different stages of development to [more...]

the Lao People's Democratic Republic, 05 Jan 2007 -- The Lao AGROVOC is based on FAO AGROVOC which is the common thesaurus used by FAO for agriculture and forestry terminology. It contains more than 15 000 agricultural related terms.The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR, decided to translate the AGROVOC terms to assist in the development of the Lao Agriculture Database (LAD) system so that Lao researchers can [more...]

Thailand, 06 Dec 2006 -- New partnerships need to be developed between agribusinesses, large retailers and farmers to adapt to emerging marketing realities, and create the necessary capacity and efficiency to offer food and agricultural products to consumers through sustainable and profitable agribusiness ventures, FAO said today.Consumer demand and supermarket growth are impacting heavily on traditional horticultural marketing systems, posing major problems in many developing countries. Fair return on investment for everyone is required, as [more...]

27 Nov 2006 -- Significant environmental, social and public health concerns to be addressedThe rapidly growing and industrializing livestock sector brings about worldwide implications on the social fabric of rural areas, on the environment, the climate and on public health. Both intensive and extensive livestock production systems are beset with a range of significant challenges that need to be urgently addressed, FAO said today.While livestock production is critical to global food supply and for [more...]