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Thailand, 31 Aug 2007 -- Bangkok -- Thailand’ s aim to further reduce the share of poverty to below four percent of the total population by 2015 is an achievable but daunting task, an FAO statement said today.Reviewing economic progress in the country over the past two decades, FAO re-affirmed the nation’s remarkable progress in meeting most of the UN millennium development goals (MDGs) by the target year 2015.Speaking at a consultative meeting in Bangkok [more...]

30 Aug 2007 -- Wild birds are known to be the natural reservoirs of avian influenza viruses. However, their role in the spread and ecology of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) remains largely unknown. Scientists are still debating whether wild birds are spreading the disease globally, or are a victim of spill-over of the disease from the agricultural sector. Two factors that most likely explain disease transmission among poultry and wildlife in Asia [more...]

Viet Nam, 21 Aug 2007 -- Agency calls for a comprehensive animal health programme to help small farmersHanoi – A team of veterinary experts sent to Viet Nam by the FAO/OIE Crisis Management Centre – Animal Health - to investigate recent deaths among pigs say that it appears that there are a number of swine diseases that may be interacting to cause the unusual signs being observed. Improving overall disease management can bring many of the [more...]

Viet Nam, 17 Aug 2007 -- Good crops on MARD-FAO demonstration sites in Vietnam without the use of pesticideHanoi – Vice Minister Bui Ba Bong attended a meeting of experts and farmers today in Long An to see and discuss the results of an FAO-Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) project to control the brown plant hopper pest or BPH and associated virus diseases in the rice crop. Seven demonstration sites in the southern provinces [more...]

Thailand, 10 Aug 2007 -- Mae Hong Son, (Food and Agriculture Organization) – Food production and processing capacities of farmers’ groups in Mae Hong Son province is boosted with support from FAO aimed at improved rural nutrition and income. Around 140 members of farmers and women’s groups in four districts of the Mae Hong Son province - Khun Yuan, Pie, Mae La Nai and Mae Sa Riang – today received agricultural production and processing tools, [more...]

India, 07 Aug 2007 -- Industrialized countries could gain in production potential, developing countries may loseChennai/New Delhi - Climate change is likely to undermine food production in the developing world, while industrialized countries could gain in production potential, FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf said today in a speech at the M.S. Swaminathan Foundation Conference in Chennai, India. "Crop yield potential is likely to increase at higher latitudes for global average temperature increases of up to 1 [more...]

Afghanistan, 06 Aug 2007 -- Afghanis near cereals self-sufficiency Rome - Afghanistan’s cereals production has doubled in the six years since the ouster of the Taliban regime, according to FAO’s latest production figures. Despite the continuing tense security environment, FAO forecasts the country’s cereals output will reach 4.6million tonnes in 2007, more than twice the 2001 level of 2.0 million tonnes. This would represent a 700 000-tonne increase over 2006 production but a reduction of [more...]

03 Aug 2007 -- FAO has recently added the following publication "Requirements for the treatment of multilinguality in ontologies within FAO" to the Agricultural Information and Knowledge Management Papers series.International organizations like FAO are intrinsically multilingual. FAO is currently experimenting with semantic-oriented technologies based on ontologies, with the purpose of integrating data across various information systems and providing better services to end users. However, in order for these technologies to be used in real-life [more...]

Nepal, 26 Jul 2007 -- Kathmandu - A series of natural disasters in 2006 and 2007 have severely impacted on crop production in Nepal, placing a significant number of people at risk of food insecurity, according to the joint report released this week by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).According to the report, a combination of prolonged drought, hailstorms, and flooding in areas traditionally most agriculturally productive [more...]

Indonesia, 26 Jul 2007 -- Villagers are key allies in virus detection and controlJakarta – Involving villagers in the fight against bird flu is important in Indonesia as the disease continues to ravage the archipelago killing millions of poultry and sporadically also humans.More Indonesians have died from avian influenza than anywhere else in the world and experts are worried that the H5N1 virus could spark a global human influenza pandemic. For more news go to: [more...]