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Thailand, 19 Jan 2007 -- Media advisoryJournalists and news organizations are invited to an FAO press conference on the re-emergence of bird flu in Asia on Tuesday 23 January at 11:30 hours at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. FAO speakers will be Hiroyuki Konuma, deputy regional representative for Asia and the Pacific, Laurence Gleeson, regional manager of FAO’s emergency centre for transboundary animal diseases, and Juan Lubroth, senior officer infectious diseases. In addition, during an [more...]

China, 18 Jan 2007 -- Will help small-scale farmers in agriculture, livestock and fisheriesRome - China will send 44 agricultural experts and technicians to Gabon to help small-scale farmers there improve crop and animal production, fish farming and processing of agricultural products, under an agreement signed today between the two countries and FAO.The agreement is part of FAO's South-South Cooperation initiative, which aims to strengthen cooperation among developing countries at different stages of development to [more...]

the Lao People's Democratic Republic, 05 Jan 2007 -- The Lao AGROVOC is based on FAO AGROVOC which is the common thesaurus used by FAO for agriculture and forestry terminology. It contains more than 15 000 agricultural related terms.The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR, decided to translate the AGROVOC terms to assist in the development of the Lao Agriculture Database (LAD) system so that Lao researchers can [more...]

Thailand, 06 Dec 2006 -- New partnerships need to be developed between agribusinesses, large retailers and farmers to adapt to emerging marketing realities, and create the necessary capacity and efficiency to offer food and agricultural products to consumers through sustainable and profitable agribusiness ventures, FAO said today.Consumer demand and supermarket growth are impacting heavily on traditional horticultural marketing systems, posing major problems in many developing countries. Fair return on investment for everyone is required, as [more...]

27 Nov 2006 -- Significant environmental, social and public health concerns to be addressedThe rapidly growing and industrializing livestock sector brings about worldwide implications on the social fabric of rural areas, on the environment, the climate and on public health. Both intensive and extensive livestock production systems are beset with a range of significant challenges that need to be urgently addressed, FAO said today.While livestock production is critical to global food supply and for [more...]

27 Nov 2006 -- The paper "Mapping AGROVOC and the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus: Definitions, tools, procedures" has been published by FAO and is now available free online. This paper describes the procedures for a concept-based mapping of two agricultural thesauri, the multilingual AGROVOC, created and maintained by the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the bilingual Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus, created and maintained by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science. Conducted under the auspices of FAO’s [more...]

27 Nov 2006 -- A new publication has been released by FAO.As with many domains, information retrieval and knowledge management (IR/KM) in agriculture suffers from the problems of semantic heterogeneity, making it difficult for providers to disseminate their services effectively and for users to retrieve the information they need. Based on the analysis of resources in the domain of agriculture, this paper proposes a) application profiles for dealing with the problem of heterogeneity originating [more...]

Invest in agriculture for food security - FAO honours four model farmers in Asia
Thailand, 17 Oct 2006 -- Today, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presented FAO awards to four Asian farmers for outstanding achievements in the areas of livestock (China), industrial crops production (Myanmar), seed farming (Pakistan) and aquaculture (Thailand).While Asia as a region is booming economically and several Asian cities have emerged as major centres of world finance and technology, Asian villages are still poor and technologically lagging. Rural populations – in particular agricultural households [more...]

FAO honours a model fish farmer from Chumpon (Thailand)
Thailand, 17 Oct 2006 -- Today FAO honoured Phloiruedee Pitiworawong from Thailand for outstanding achievement as fish farmer.A 57-year-old aquaculture farmer from the southern province of Chumpon, Phloiruedee Pitiworawong is a model of perseverance. Some 22 years ago, she and her husband Prawet pooled their money and founded an inland shrimp farm. Three years later, they lost everything. Typhoon Gay washed away their stocks. But Khun Phloiruedee and her husband persevered. They rebuilt their farm. [more...]

FAO honours a sugar cane farmer from Mandalay (Myanmar)
Myanmar, 17 Oct 2006 -- Today FAO honoured U Moe Win from Myanmar for for outstanding achievement in industrial crop production.In places where traditions are valued, change can come slowly. Rural Myanmar is such a place. Any visitor to this nation nestled between India and China can’t miss the fact that much of the countryside is still farmland, inhabited by mostly poor rural dwellers.Indeed, farmers are the backbone of the country. When Myanmar’s farmers are [more...]