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the Philippines, 22 Sep 2006 -- Iligan City – The UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) joined hands today to improve food security among conflict affected farmers in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. In Bubong Municipality of Lanao del Sur, farmers received bags of rice from WFP and packets of vegetable seeds from FAO after participating in a community project to establish a solar dryer, which is primarily used [more...]

Learning by doing is key to bird flu disease control in poultry
Indonesia, 15 Sep 2006 -- JAKARTA - Dr David Nabarro, the Senior UN system Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza emphasizes the importance of control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) at source in poultry as a key to preventing an influenza pandemic.He stressed the importance of ‘learning by doing’ in further expanding the response to the epidemic in poultry, pointing out the need for strengthened commitment from all parties in continuing the fight against [more...]

08 Sep 2006 -- Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand will assess the present status of post-tsunami coordination activities in agriculture, fisheries and forestry during a workshop at the FAO regional office in Bangkok on 30 and 31 October 2006. The participants will share experiences and knowledge for the development of future plans and strategies for coordination and information management towards longer-term post-tsunami rehabilitation of affected coastal areas.Following the devastating tsunami on 26 December [more...]

06 Sep 2006 -- Food security and nutrition seen in a holistic way, require promoting the use of integrated food based strategies and assisting nations, communities and households towards achieving their overall right to food. Current agricultural policies largely emphasize agricultural production with a thrust on staples which provide energy and protein. Much less emphasis is devoted to fruits and vegetables which are rich sources of micronutrients, or to the integration at the farm [more...]

Myanmar, 06 Sep 2006 -- Comments by Laurence Gleeson, regional manager of FAO's Emergency Centre for the Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) in Bangkok on the bird flu free declaration by Myanmar today: "FAO has noted that Myanmar has declared it is free of the H5N1 avian influenza. This is based on the absence of evidence of outbreaks of the disease since late April 2006. FAO will continue to manage international donor support to [more...]

04 Sep 2006 -- Bangkok – A gathering of world experts confirmed that forests and trees can act as bioshields for protection of people and other assets against tsunamis and other coastal hazards, resolving an ongoing debate in scientific circles about the role of coastal forests against natural disasters, FAO said today.Convened by FAO in Khao Lak, Thailand from 28 to 31 August, the workshop called for urgent action to be taken to protect [more...]

Indonesia, 29 Aug 2006 -- The Indonesian government’s recent decision to refocus its strategy in the fight against avian flu, by putting the emphasis on public awareness, disease surveillance and animal control measures, is an opportunity to reverse the situation in the country, says the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).The announcement of the shift in tactics came during an international donor conference held in the Indonesian capital from 23-24 August.“This is the way ahead. If [more...]

Malaysia, 23 Aug 2006 -- Kuala Lumpur – Part of a package of major reforms for the fishery sector, fourteen Asian countries agree to cut trawling and push net fishing as a first step for reversing the production of low value trash fish and ‘fishing down the food chain’, an FAO statement said today.Over the years, catches of larger more vulnerable fish species (grouper, snapper, …) have declined while the proportion of smaller fish – [more...]

17 Aug 2006 -- FAO calls for improved and sustained AI control efforts in AsiaBangkok – Laboratory confirmation points to both old and new isolates of the bird flu virus as sources of recent HPAI outbreaks in Southeast Asia, FAO said today. Vigorous implementation of recommended control measures is needed to prevent a further spread of the disease and sustain past successes in the region, the Organization warned.Concerned about the recurrence of bird flu [more...]

17 Aug 2006 -- In preparation for the 3rd Steering Meeting and Workshop of the International Network on Water and Ecosystems in Paddy Fields (INWEPF) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17 to 19 September 2006, the Japan INWEPF Committee is convening a virtual meeting on “Efficient and sustainable water use to address poverty alleviation and food security” from 21 August to 01 September 2006.The meeting will be divided into several meeting rooms according to sub-themes: [more...]