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India, 20 Apr 2006 -- India hosts 21st Session of Asia-Pacific Forestry CommissionDehradun – The area of forests lost in Asia-Pacific during the past five years is equivalent to the size of Sri Lanka, according to FAO. More than 6 million hectares of natural forests were lost in the Asia-Pacific region, since 2000, mainly through conversion to agricultural crops and through wildfires, Wulf Killmann, FAO director of forest products and economics, warned delegates at an [more...]

13 Apr 2006 -- Still, lowest forest area per person in the worldBangkok, New Delhi – The Asia-Pacific region recorded the highest rate of forest plantation in the world, over the past five years, according to data released by FAO today. This helped the region reverse the 1990s’ trend of net loss of forest cover into a net gain during the period from 2000 to 2005, FAO said in advance of a gathering of [more...]

07 Apr 2006 -- FAO forecasts a contraction in trade in 2006Rome - 2005 was a record breaking year for the world rice economy, according to the FAO Rice Market Monitor published today.“For the third consecutive season, global paddy production experienced a brisk expansion, which lifted it to an all time high of 628 million tonnes. Growth reflected relatively favourable weather conditions in Asia, western Africa and South America and the positive effects of [more...]

Prevent over fishing in rebuilding tsunami affected coastal communities
30 Mar 2006 -- Bangkok – Taking stock of progress reached in the fisheries sector one year after the tsunami, FAO stresses the need for continued re-examination and targeting of reconstruction efforts to secure a long-term future for fishing communities.While people’s basic needs for food, shelter and clothing were met quickly after the 2004 tsunami, the recovery of the worst hit fisheries and coastal eco-systems calls for a five- to ten-year effort, FAO said [more...]

Better coordination of the supply of post-tsunami fisheries inputs in Thailand
Thailand, 28 Mar 2006 -- Bangkok – Moving from emergency to long-term rehabilitation, FAO and the Department of Fisheries are reviewing concerns among the government and aid agencies about the impact of fishing boats, gear and equipment supplied to tsunami affected communities in Thailand. In the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami, donors, aid agencies and non-governmental organizations took immediate action to supply fisheries inputs on an emergency basis with limited coordination and planning. At [more...]

Thailand - FAO provides Baht 28 million to irrigation sector and small farmers
Thailand, 21 Mar 2006 -- Bangkok – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations will provide technical assistance to the tune of B28 million to the ministry of agriculture and cooperatives for two projects – poverty alleviation in the northeast, and policies and planning for irrigation sector reform.Poverty is a rural phenomenon in Thailand with 5.4 million people – or 86 percent of total poor – residing in rural areas. Approximately 70 [more...]

20 Mar 2006 -- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is pleased to announce on behalf of the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) Steering Group, the release of the English version of the latest IMARK e-learning module "Investing in Information for Development". The module addresses the needs of managers and decision-makers for new awareness and skills related to development and implementation of strategies, policies, structures, and procedures for effective management [more...]

Cambodia, 18 Mar 2006 -- Phnom Penh – An emergency programme for biocontrol of a devastating coconut pest – which has infected more than 12 million trees in Cambodia – is making excellent progress, an FAO statement said today.“The ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries is rearing and releasing in several infected areas of Cambodia a small parasitic wasp (Asecodes hispinarum) to kill the Coconut Hispine Beetle during larval stage”, explained Tsukasa Kimoto, the FAO [more...]

17 Mar 2006 -- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is pleased to announce on behalf of the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) Steering Group, the release the new IMARK website located at The new website now offers online access to self-paced e-learning modules which have previously been available only on CD ROM. Learners can now register and take the IMARK module "Management of Electronic Documents" in English or [more...]

Aquaculture rehabilitation project launched by Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Indonesia, 21 Feb 2006 -- Aceh, 20 February 2006 - Some 650 tambak farmers are rehabilitating their fish/shrimp ponds farms and will fully resume aquacultural farming by June 2006 with FAO assistance.US$ 500 000 of agro-inputs will be provided by FAO thanks to funding from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department. This material aid includes starter fish, feed, lime, fertilizers nets, water pumps, sluice gates and water quality test kits.The aquaculture rehabilitation project covers 12 [more...]