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18 Jan 2006 -- Beijing – The avian influenza virus could become entrenched in the Black Sea, Caucasus and Near East regions through trade and movement of people and animals and it could be further spread by migratory birds particularly coming from Africa in the spring, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today.“FAO is concerned that with trade, the movement of people and animals and migratory birds, new countries could become infected,” [more...]

17 Jan 2006 -- FAO and its partners strive to produce and maintain tools for information and knowledge management, tools that facilitate both the gathering and production of information, and its availability and accessibility. This requires effective methods, guidelines and procedures to identify, acquire, manage and exploit information and knowledge in the correct manner. The Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) project is dedicated to this. Its goal is to share and promote the uptake [more...]

Sri Lanka, 08 Jan 2006 -- Colombo, 8 January 2006 – Leaders of cooperative movements from countries hit worst by the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami met last week in the Sri Lankan capital with representatives of development and UN specialized agencies to share experiences on relief and long-term rehabilitation support to tsunami-affected communities.The 5th Meeting of Agencies Involved in Cooperative Development was organized from 24 to 26 January by the Committee for the Advancement of [more...]

08 Dec 2005 -- Global rice production expected to be 2.6 percent higher than last yearBangkok -- As prospects for this year’s rice harvests have improved substantially in some of the major producing countries, FAO now estimates global paddy production for 2005 at 622 million tonnes, an increase of 16 million tonnes or 2.6 percent compared to 2004.With calendar year 2005 coming to a close, FAO’s Rice Market Monitor has revised upward global rice [more...]

06 Dec 2005 -- On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Food and Agriculture Organization is bringing access to knowledge and information to a new level by launching an interactive facility to provide direct access to both the formal and tacit knowledge of its staff and technical experts.Ask FAO lets users pose questions directly to experts in FAO and also includes a searchable "knowledge base" of answers to frequently asked questions covering issues [more...]

28 Nov 2005 -- More investments needed in rural areasBeijing/Bangkok – Top priority should be given to improving access to quality education in rural areas – primary schooling, literacy and skills development – for communities of farmers, fisherfolk, livestock producers as well as populations living in mountains, forests and deserts, FAO said today.“Failure to educate children in rural areas perpetuates needless hunger. Attending primary education is one of the surest ways out of the [more...]

19 Nov 2005 -- Bangkok/Rome - Patrick Evans (forestry) and Heiko Bammann (agriculture) were each presented today with a B.R. Sen Award, conferred to FAO staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the country to which they are assigned.Mr Evans received the award in recognition of his role in implementing an 8-year FAO project to improve the management of forestry and fishery resources on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap lake. The project [more...]

Pakistan, 16 Nov 2005 -- FAO assessment to guide recovery and reconstruction plans for agriculture sectorRome – Direct and indirect losses to crops, livestock and irrigation infrastructure as a result of last month’s earthquake in northern Pakistan total more than $440 million, according to the findings of an FAO assessment released today.FAO’s damage and needs assessments for the agriculture and livestock sectors in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and the North West Frontier Province were presented to the [more...]

14 Nov 2005 -- Trend of losses reversed into annual net gain of 633 000 hectaresBangkok – The trend of net losses in forest coverage during the 1990s in the Asia-Pacific region has been reversed owing to large-scale forestation programmes, FAO said today.Key findings of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 (FRA 2005) released today by FAO indicate that the Asia-Pacific region has altered a net loss of forests of around 1 275 000 [more...]

09 Nov 2005 -- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is pleased to announce on behalf of the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) Steering Group, the release the new IMARK website located at: The new website now offers online access to self-paced e-learning modules which have previously been available only on CD ROM. Learners can now register and take the IMARK module "Management of Electronic Documents" in English or [more...]