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China, 19 Sep 2005 -- Rome – World experts have agreed for the first time on a blueprint on sustainable agricultural development to reduce hunger and poverty and improve environmental protection in developing countries.Top experts in agriculture, the environment and economics have called on governments to “give priority to public expenditures on public goods for rural areas such as roads, information technology and other rural infrastructure as well as research, extension training and education,” according [more...]

the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 19 Sep 2005 -- The Democratic People’s Republic (DPR) of Korea reported an outbreak of HPAI involving three well-run farms that practised appropriate biosecurity. Prompt action by the Veterinary and Anti-epidemic Department of the Ministry of Agriculture with technical help from FAO experts and consultants, the disease was quickly diagnosed and stamped out from these farms through imposition of strict biosecurity measures, movement control and enhanced surveillance. This is the first time DPR Korea [more...]

the Philippines, 19 Sep 2005 -- On 4 August 2005 the secretary of the department of agriculture, Domingo F. Panganiban, and FAO’s representative in the Philippine, Ramesh C.A. Jam, signed an agreement in Manila – Environmental animal health to redress emerging insect-borne disease constraints to smallholders’ livestock production – funded by the Italian government amounting to P56.0 million. This project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and other concerned government [more...]

Thailand, 13 Sep 2005 -- Some 300 Thai university and international high school students, as well as young leaders and representatives of youth NGOs took part in the "Young Voices for Change: a youth forum on Millennium Development Goals and the 2005 World Summit". The forum was held on 12 September 2005 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. It was organized by UNESCAP with support from the World Youth Peace Summit NGO, [more...]

Cambodia, 12 Sep 2005 -- Phnom Penh, 12 September 2005 - FAO, with financial support from Australia, is going to provide Cambodia with technical assistance to control coconut beetles, which are quickly spreading in Cambodia, already infecting millions of coconut trees. On 12 September, a project agreement for emergency assistance for controlling coconut beetles was signed by HE It Nody, Under Secretary of State, representing the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Kimoto Tsukasa, [more...]

Representatives from nine Asia-Pacific International Farm Youth Exchange (ASPA IFYE) countries meet in Thailand
Thailand, 09 Sep 2005 -- Some 200 ASPA IFYE members and representatives met in Pattaya, Thailand from 4 to 8 September 2005 on the occasion of the Sixth ASPAC IFYE Conference. Participating countries included Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.The IFYE is closely linked to the cross-cultural International 4-H Youth Exchange programme. Since its establishment in 1948, 4-H clubs have helped thousands of young people from across the United States, [more...]

Samoa, 01 Sep 2005 -- Since October 2004, an FAO funded project in Samoa, worth US$210,000, is supporting the overall aim of the "Future Farmers of Samoa" programme with enhanced education and training regarding opportunities in agriculture.In Samoa, an increasing number of young people no longer see agriculture as a career choice and this is having multiple negative socio-economic effects: in urban areas it contributes to growing problems of overcrowding and unemployment, whereas in rural [more...]

Indonesia, 31 Aug 2005 -- Large forest fires in South-East Asia, notably in Indonesia, have caused serious health and environmental problems, in particular choking haze in the region, FAO said today. “Most of these fires are intentional and planned by agro-industrial companies to clear forests for agricultural land use”, said Mike Jurvelius, FAO forest fire expert. “Using fire to clear forests is prohibited in most of the South-East Asian countries and the ban should urgently [more...]

Thailand, 31 Aug 2005 -- Countries along migratory routes of wild birds should be on alert – emergency preparedness essential The deadly strain of avian influenza that has hit several countries in Asia is likely to be carried over long distances along the flyways of wild water birds to the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and Africa, FAO warned today. Birds flying from Siberia, where the H5N1 virus has been recently detected, may carry the [more...]

Thailand, 26 Jul 2005 -- A combination of typhoons, tropical storms, and heavy rains has seriously affected a number of Asian countries since the start of this year’s summer monsoon season in June. Hundreds of people were killed and hundreds of thousands were evacuated. High economic losses and serious food shortages have been reported in the affected areas. As monsoon rains are due to continue in the next couple of months, the situation could further [more...]