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Indonesia, 05 May 2005 -- The 26 December 2004 earthquake, tsunami and the 29 March 2005 earthquake caused great loss of life, damage and disruption. It strongly affected the primary sector’s economy, but did not induce major structural changes within the Provinces. The current estimated cost for the rehabilitation ‘Blueprint’ is Rp 41.1 trillion (about US$4.1 billion) over the next five years.Before the Tsunami, almost 30 percent of the population in Aceh Province lived below [more...]

Sri Lanka, 02 May 2005 -- On 21 May 2005, Revathi Balakrishnan, FAO’s senior sociologist (gender and development) will present an invited paper on Millennium Development Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger and Distance Education during the Asian Round Table on Open and Distance Learning for Attainment of Millennium Development of Goals, marking the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the Open University of Sri Lankan in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning. [more...]

the Philippines, 02 May 2005 -- The National Commission for the Role of Filippino Women is organizing a one day meeting on Post-Beijing+10 Forum: Updates on Rural Women Sector on 3 May 2005 at ITCAF, Quezon City. The gathering will identify persistent gender equality gaps and constrains in the advancement of rural women, feeding into the UN review process. FAO Bangkok is supporting this initiative. [more...]

Thailand, 02 May 2005 -- From 11 to 24 January 2005 the government of Thailand and FAO undertook a joint assessment mission to six tsunami-affected provinces to take stock of the damage and identify emergency and rehabilitation needs in the fisheries and agricultural sectors. Effects on forestry and livelihoods of coastal communities were also observed as far as possible. The full text of the manuscript is now available to the public on the Internet.For further [more...]

Future economic progress in Asia must go hand in hand with rapid eradication of poverty and hunger
Thailand, 27 Apr 2005 -- FAO and IFAD team up for pro-poor stance in rural and agricultural development Bangkok — Despite dramatic economic progress in Asia over the last three decades, a significant portion of the population remains poor as the fruits of development have not been shared equally across countries and within countries of the region, FAO said today. Poverty and food insecurity have emerged as one of the greatest development challenges for the [more...]

Reducing pesticide use in vegetable production in Asia
Viet Nam, 08 Apr 2005 -- Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2002 eight south and southeast Asian countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam) are participating in an FAO assisted five years integrated pest management (IPM) programme co-financed by the governments of Australia, the Netherlands and Norway for a total amount of $7.5 million. The project aims at drastically reducing pesticide use in vegetable production and increasing incomes of farmers. Through participatory [more...]

Thailand, 07 Apr 2005 -- Bangkok – A tiny parasitic wasp may help save the coconut industries of a number of countries in the Asia and Pacific region from a destructive pest that feeds on the developing leaves of the coconut palm, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today. Severe attacks by the coconut hispine beetle (Brontispa longissima Gestro) can destroy palm leaves and significantly reduce coconut yields. If a palm is young [more...]

Rice production in 2004 is second highest on record but production is lower than consumption
Thailand, 04 Apr 2005 -- Bangkok (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) - Global rice paddy production in 2004 is now estimated to be 605 million tonnes, a 3.8 percent increase over 2003, FAO said today.If confirmed at that level, the 2004 rice harvest will be the second highest on record, according to the latest issue of FAO’s Rice Market Monitor (March 2005). However, rice production would, again, be insufficient to cover consumption. [more...]

Thailand, 31 Mar 2005 -- Bangkok – Soil salinity problems caused by the December tsunami waves are less severe than previously expected, FAO stated on the occasion of a workshop on soil salinity and rehabilitation, that opened in Bangkok today (31 March/1 April).“A total of 47 000 hectares (ha) of agricultural land have been damaged by tsunami waves in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Thailand,” said Daniel Renault, the FAO coordinator for agriculture in [more...]

the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 30 Mar 2005 -- Bangkok/Rome – The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has sent a veterinary expert to Pyongyang/North Korea to obtain further information on the extent of the current avian influenza outbreak in the country and to offer assistance for controlling the bird flu virus. Two additional FAO avian influenza experts from China and Australia will arrive in Pyongjang within the next days.The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has informed FAO about [more...]