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06 Aug 2004 -- During its 28th session held in Chiang Mai from 3 to 5 August 2004 the members of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) unanimously decided that APFIC will take on a new role to act as a regional consultative forum to promote the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture in the region. It will provide a framework for its members to identify and discuss common issues in the region, promote partnerships [more...]

06 Aug 2004 -- DECLINE IN VALUABLE FISH SPECIES, BETTER MANAGEMENT REQUIRED: FAO REPORTChiang Mai - The management of fishery resources in Asia-Pacific needs to be improved, as overfishing is increasing and the abundance of more valuable species has declined, according to an FAO report presented to the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission during a meeting this week in Chiang Mai, Thailand.FAO's report affirmed that fisheries and aquaculture are of vital importance for food security and [more...]

30 Jul 2004 -- To bolster the campaign against the disease - $1.2 million FAO projectBangkok – A veterinary network for Southeast Asia has been launched to bolster the campaign against avian influenza, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced today. Two similar networks for South and East Asia will follow soon. FAO will provide around $1.2 million for the creation of these subregional platforms. “National borders cannot stop the disease from spreading,” [more...]

16 Jul 2004 -- Better biosecurity measures are essential for safer poultry productionBangkok -- FAO has urged countries in Asia not to cull wild birds in response to recent outbreaks of avian influenza in China, Thailand and Viet Nam. "Killing wild birds will not help to prevent or control avian influenza outbreaks," said Juan Lubroth of the FAO Animal Health Service. "Wild birds are an important element of the ecosystem and should not be [more...]

09 Jul 2004 -- Virus still circulating in the region – long-term surveillance and control strategies neededRome — New outbreaks of the avian influenza virus H5N1 in China, Thailand and Viet Nam confirm that the virus is still endemic in the region, FAO said in a statement today. “The new cases do not come as a surprise,” said Joseph Domenech, Chief of the FAO Animal Health Service. “After the major outbreaks of a few [more...]

08 Jul 2004 -- Bangkok – China will send 36 agricultural experts and technicians specialized in agronomy, irrigation, livestock and fisheries, to eight Pacific Island nations, FAO announced today. The initiative is part of FAO’s South-South Cooperation Programme that aims to strengthen cooperation among developing countries to improve agricultural productivity and ensure access to food for all. This agreement, signed early this week, will benefit farmers in the Cook Islands, the Federated States of [more...]

27 May 2004 -- Seremban, Malaysia - Urgent action is needed to prevent and reduce food-borne diseases in Asia and the Pacific, according to a regional conference on food safety attended by representatives of thirty-six countries and territories.Countries recognize the enormous gap between the scale and cost of food borne illnesses and their capacity to address them, the FAO/WHO regional food safety conference concluded. This gap has increased steadily in the region as a [more...]

26 May 2004 -- FAOTERM, a terminological database covering FAO's specialized subjects - agriculture, biology, forestry, fisheries, food security, statistics and nutrition – in a multilingual format, has been redesigned.New features include a News section on the homepage, a dynamically-updated list of FAO glossaries, glossaries external to the Organization which are particularly useful to translators, meeting documents, and publications related to terminology such as the FAO house style.The FAOTERM member nations search has also [more...]

25 May 2004 -- Simplifies search for food safety regulationsSeremban, Malaysia – The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today launched the International Portal for Food Safety, Animal and Plant Health at the FAO/World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Conference on Food Safety for Asia and the Pacific. The Portal will enable a speedy and authoritative search for current food safety and food quality standards, regulations and other relevant official materials from a single search [more...]

24 May 2004 -- Seremban, Malaysia - Experts and officials from 36 countries meet in Malaysia to develop integrated approaches to safe food production and distributionSeeking to head off future threats to public health and international trade posed by potentially unsafe food in Asia and the Pacific, over 200 food safety officials and experts from 36 countries in the region are meeting this week in Seremban, Malaysia at a four-day Regional Conference on Food [more...]