Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Priorities

Coping with the impact of climate change on agriculture and food and nutritional security


  • identify innovative technologies and appropriate practices in subregions for coping with the adverse impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector with a view to protecting and consolidating progress in food security and nutrition; and
  • reduce the contribution of agriculture, including livestock and aquaculture and deforestation, to GHG emissions and integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation into strategies for agriculture and rural development. 

The agricultural sector both affects and is affected by climate change. While it contributes to mitigating it, agriculture affects climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from croplands and animals. It is affected by loss of agricultural land, salt water intrusion, changes in temperature and rainfall regimes and increasingly severe weather hazards. The key objectives of this priority area are to identify innovative technologies and appropriate practices for coping with the adverse impacts of climate change, and to reduce the contribution of agriculture to GHG emissions while improving its role as a carbon sink. The primary tools will be assistance with policy formulation, technical assistance and capacity building support, advocacy, case studies in selected major food production areas on the impact of climate change, and dissemination of suitable technical options and practices. Expected results include strengthened FAO contribution to policy dialogues and technical cooperation, exchange of information on research and development of climate change-resilient varieties, development of agricultural strategies with strong potential for climate change adaptation and mitigation, identification and promotion of improved crop, aquaculture and livestock production systems and practices contributing to reduced GHG emissions.

For more information see the document:  FAO Regional Priority Framework for Asia and the Pacific (2010-2019): Towards Food Security in the Region.