Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Workshop on
Climate Services at the National Level for Least Developed Countries in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand
8 to 10 October 2012



  • To review the current status of generating climate information in the LDCs in Asia and assess their needs for climate services in the agriculture, food security and water user sectors at the national and local levels;
  • To assess the current status of interactions of the climate service providers with the users in the priority sectors and identify the major areas for improvement; 
  • To discuss and recommend improved arrangements for national observation networks, enhanced research focus on national and local climate problems, better access to climate predictions, sustained operational mechanisms that facilitate the flow of climate information from global and regional scales through the national and local scales, and effective user interface mechanisms at the national scale; 
  • To articulate the capacity building needs of LDCs, in terms of mandates, infrastructure as well as human resources, in all the components of the GFCS; and,
  • To identify and propose ways to promote community understanding of climate variability and change along with the associated risks and opportunities for improved climate risk management and raise user awareness of climate products and services.



Provisional agenda