Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

FAO Bioenergy and Food Security ASEAN Project
Inception Meeting

31 October 2012
Bangkok, Thailand


The objectives of the Consultation Meeting of the Senior Officials Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry Plus Three and Senior Officials Meeting of the Ministers of Energy Plus Three are as follows:

  1. Review the regional policy and cooperation framework for bioenergy in ASEAN+3;
  2. Introduce the FAO Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) initiative and the BEFS ASEAN project; 
  3. Review, discuss and approve the BEFS ASEAN program of activities; and
  4. Identify mechanisms for improved regional collaboration on bioenergy issues, policy and planning.

Annotated agenda

Welcome address

Session 1: Introduction and objectives
Session 2: TCP/RAS/3402 - Bioenergy and Food Security in ASEAN
Session 3: Monitoring impacts of bioenergy on food security at national and regional levels
Session 4: Mainstreaming bioenergy and food security
Session 5: Meeting summary
UNIDO and selected bioenergy projects in ASEAN countries

Project flyer