Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Pilot Essential Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management Training Course

23 to 28 June 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia



You will understand the concept and need for Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM), and acquire skills and knowledge to develop, implement and monitor an “EAFM plan” to better manage capture fisheries.

This is a five-day course:

  • Day 1: To understand what EAFM is and why we should use it
  • Day 2: To understand what moving towards EAFM entails
  • Day 3: To work through the EAFM planning process
  • Day 4: To work through implementing EAFM plans
  • Day 5: To present and receive feedback on group EAFM plans.


Essential EAFM Course in a nutshell

Essential EAFM Course Objectives

Essential EAFM Course Timetable