Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Orientation Workshop on
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)
for Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok, Thailand
12 to 13 November 2013



  • To promote awareness of GIAHS, and its impacts and benefits
  • To share experiences and knowledge on dynamic conservation of GIAHS
  • To build up the capacity of countries in the region in identifying potential GIAHS sites and formulating quality GIAHS proposals for recognition
  • To promote a network of stakeholders including recipient Governments, development partners, donors, UN agencies, CSOs,  private sectors, etc. towards creating a strong public interest and support  to the initiative, and mobilize resources


Background note and agenda

Welcome address




  Session 1: GIAHS Familiarisation

  Session 2: Expansion of sites, Mainstreaming of GIAHS Concept and Marketing of GIAHS essential goods and services

  Session 3: Discuss the criteria and methodological procedures and guidelines of application process for recognition

  Session 4: Country presentations by potential GIAHS countries on the ideas on proposals

  Session 5: Concluding and closing