Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Natural Resources and Environment

VISION:  Equitable, productive and sustainable natural resources development, utilization and management that contributes to human and ecological well-being throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Support and facilitate member countries to sustain equitable, productive and sustainable natural resources development, utilization and management by providing policy and technical advice, monitoring regional dimensions and trends, conducting technology dissemination and capacity building, and facilitating regional cooperation.

The group promotes integrated natural resources management in the context of watersheds, river basins and ecosystems, ensures that cross cutting work is effectively facilitated and coordinated and that synergies are captured where they  are relevant, allowing a high degree of integration and sharing on key natural resource interfaces such as: land and water;  forest  and water; fisheries and water; fisheries and forest; aquaculture and land/water; climate change and livelihoods; and ensure that related issues also capture synergies with other groups (e.g. food production, safety and quality, statistics, livelihoods, etc.).

The group currently has seven professional staff encompassing the following expertise: natural resources data collection and analysis, trends and monitoring; support to policy development and implementation; participatory processes in support of natural resources management; ecosystem approaches to management; communication and liaison; subsectoral technical specialization in natural  resources and their management (fisheries/aquaculture, water, forestry and land); climate change, carbon markets and environmental services.

The Asia-Pacific region has taken a step forward in the development of a coordinated strategy and action plan that will lead to the sustainable...
Bangkok, Thailand, 28 Nov 2014
Nations in Asia and the Pacific could soon face serious political turmoil due to the looming issue of food insecurity if they don't embrace...
Bangkok, Thailand, 27 Nov 2014
Six countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the world’s largest consumer of fish products, have come together to draft a work plan on the sustainable...
Bangkok, Thailand, 02 Oct 2014

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Upcoming Meetings
Title Location
29 Nov 2014 Workshop on Prioritization of Asia Regional Aquaculture Development and Management Bangkok, Thailand
02 - 04 Dec 2014 Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project: Ecosystem Valuation Workshop Phuket, Thailand
02 - 05 Dec 2014 Regional Seminar – Workshop on Harmonizing Approaches in Risk Analysis and Management of Forest Invasive Alien Plant Species in Southeast Asia Bogor, Indonesia

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