Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

6th World Water Forum and 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

FAO/ESCAP call for solutions

Bangkok, 09 Dec 2011 -- FAO and ESCAP are calling for entries of case studies that document best practices of existing and innovative as well as cost-effective and sustainable solutions to achieve economic, food and water security within a green growth process in Asia-Pacific.

Solutions will contribute to developing a framework for action towards economic, food and water security in the region. They will include processes for reviewing broad social, economic and environment objectives through a water lens, with respect to bulk water allocation, sectoral policies, productivity targets, and policy instruments and investments in all productive sectors including revitalizing irrigation.

Solutions may also address investments, technologies, initiatives and interventions to improve the productivity and greening of various productive sectors, improve the synergies between economic, food and water security, address trade-offs and minimizes conflicts and risks.

We invite individuals or organizations (e.g. governmental, non-governmental, civil society, private enterprises, and people’s organizations) from or operating within the Asia-Pacific region to submit entries.

Individuals must demonstrate active involvement in the implementation of existing practices or development of innovative solutions. Entries from organizations must demonstrate the organizations’ role either in the implementation or conceptualization of existing best practices or innovative concepts and solutions in support of economic, food and water security.

The winning entry will get the chance to send one representative to the 6th World Water Forum in France in March 2012 to present the solution and attend three days of the forum activities. 

The entries submitted by 18 December 2011 only will be considered for the competition.

Entries can be submitted to the FAO-ESCAP Platform for Solutions Secretariat  or, alternatively, uploaded directly on the World Water Forum’s solutions for water website