Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Civil Society

The way forward

Together, the IPC Asia members and the membership of the Ad Hoc Committee are now moving forward to agree on a common platform.  There are, however, differences in views on engagement with organizations such as members of the CG system on agricultural research, technical solutions and policies for agriculture including the role of organic as compared to lower input solutions, and the adoption of food sovereignty as compared to food security as policy.  FAO is thus working to see more distinct communication and collaborative arrangements with the Ad Hoc Committee and IPC networks.

Finally, FAO also has a long history of partnering with farmers’ organizations.  The most recent illustration of FAO support to farmers' organizations is the implementation from the Bangkok FAO regional office of an IFAD funded project Medium Term Cooperation Programme (MTCP) with Farmers Organizations in Asia and the Pacific.

In particular, focus is needed for enhanced collaboration to enhance the capacity of farmers’ organizations and guidance and directives for collaboration to FAO country offices.