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Information and communication technologies for sustainable agriculture
RAP Publication - 2013/14
Agricultural cooperatives - key to feeding the world
RAP Publication - 2012/21
Mobile technologies for food security, agriculture and rural development
RAP Publication - 2012/19
World Food Day 2011. Food prices - from crisis to stability
RAP Publication - 2011/25
FAO Regional Priority Framework 2010-2019: Towards a food-secure Asia and the Pacific
RAP Publication - 2010/24
World Food Day 2010. United against hunger
RAP Publication - 2010/23
World Food Day 2009. Achieving food security in times of crisis
RAP Publication - 2010/03
World Food Day 2008. World food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy
RAP Publication - 2008/16
World Food Day 2007. The right to food - make it happen
RAP Publication - 2007/23
Expert meeting on rural information networks in Asia-Pacific: Innovative practices and future directions
RAP Publication - 2006/26
World Food Day 2006. Investing in agriculture for food security
RAP Publication - 2006/24
The AGRIS Centre at Kasetsart University: Implementing the new vision
RAP Publication - 2005/31
World Food Day 2005. Agriculture and intercultural dialogue it's our common heritage
RAP Publication - 2005/28
World Food Day 2004. Biodiversity for food security
RAP Publication - 2004/26
FAO in Asia and the Pacific 2002-03. Regional highlights
RAP Publication - 2004/08
Towards a food-secure Asia and Pacific. Regional Strategic Framework for Asia and the Pacific, second edition
RAP Publication - 2004/06
Information services in rural China. Field surveys and findings
RAP Publication - 2004/03
World Food Day 2003. International Alliance Against Hunger
RAP Publication - 2003/20
World Food Day 2002. Water: source of food security
RAP Publication - 2002/26
FAO in Asia and the Pacific annual report 2001
RAP Publication - 2002/18
Smallholder farmers in India: food security and agricultural policy
RAP Publication - 2002/03
Science and technology for sustainable food security, nutritional adequacy, and poverty alleviation in the Asia-Pacific Region
RAP Publication - 2002/02
World Food Day 2001. Fight hunger to reduce poverty
RAP Publication - 2001/22
Highlights 1998
RAP Publication - 1999/18